Working in and with the TIMELESS style collection

Outfitting concepts and furniture with timeless charm

Why and when to design offices in the TIMELESS style

When life in the real world gets confusing, it makes us long for certainty and dependability. Something that offers a sense of security at home gains even wider significance in a corporate context: a classic style communicates values such as reliability and permanence, as a subtext so to speak. A company with a traditional approach to production and business should ideally present an image that is timelessly elegant and stylishly understated. And invests in outfitting that’s still going to be fit for the job in years to come.

TIMELESS: classic chic

The clean lines of the mid-century style for instance are making a huge resurgence in interior design today. Furniture and objects with a reduced, harmonious form made from high-quality wood evoke memories of the good old days. Echoes of an unchangeable past lend stability to a classic interior design and foster confidence. However a timeless design can also incorporate modern elements, which integrate modern features for practicality. Muted colours, geometric forms and classic lines, along with an outstanding level of quality, combine to give a sense of permanence and value.

Subtle forms and timeless design: TIMELESS

  • Colours

Understated colours dominate the style. Browns and ochres, earthy shades in different intensities. Grey, chrome and black structured finishes, individual highlights in berry tones, dark blue, dark green and a rich mustard yellow.

  • Design features

Symmetrically arranging furniture of equal size, or pictures and accessories, makes for a classic aesthetic overall effect.

  • Clear-cut forms

A timeless room design creates a special atmosphere. High-quality materials and understated forms are key here. The simplicity has a calming and reassuring effect.

  • Accessories

You can use high-quality details, elegant fabrics and beautiful wood varieties to create an impact. Cool materials, elegant silver, elements in chrome, black or grey with flashes of colour to create a highlight and draw the eye to the essentials.

  • Effect

Classic outfitting symbolises dependability, enduring value, timeless elegance and an authentic harmony.

  • Furniture

Our furniture and product families can be configured in a selection of ways. You can choose a product to suit your work culture and preferred style, define the features and details you need – and adapt the look to suit the style collection you like.

Team workstation design with TALO.S

With its white, minimalist leg frame design and white desk top, TALO.S creates an impression that’s classic, high-quality and at the same time modern. In combination with minimal colours or dark wood, the result is a coherent and timeless colour and style concept.

Timeless meeting situation

A harmoniously integrated seat shell with a bevelled edge and elegant chrome base – with its mid-century look and slimline appearance, the MOVE.ME chair reflects the essential design principles of the Bauhaus style.

Classic individual workstation

The LIFE.S leg frame in black textured lacquer finish with organically rounded edges combined with a wooden desktop – also with rounded edges – looks uncluttered, elegant and harmonious.

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