Working from home

Let us design a permanent workstation in your home, and it could look like this

König + Neurath offers furnishing concepts for a variety of home office scenarios

Over the past few weeks, many people had their wish to work from home granted. One long-term achievement from the Covid-19 period could be that they have more freedom and flexibility to decide where they work. This “new normal” is highly likely to result in benefits for employers too: several studies (including one from the University of Basel) suggest that working from home increases employee productivity.

PSA, manufacturer of the Peugeot, Citroën and Opel brands, even wants to have its employees working most of the week at home, only coming into the office once a week. Head of Human Resources Xavier Chereau announced via video message that employees no longer have to justify why they want to work at home – but instead why they want to come to the office. Here in Germany the next few months will show how successful the combination of home and office working has been – and whether mobile working is compatible with our work culture. The thing is, until now the focus was more on a visible presence than on results. For people whose jobs allow them the freedom to choose their workplace location, working and living space will merge together even more in future. To support this, we will be offering home office packages from now on, which can be used to create various scenarios with optimum looks and functions.

Ideas and style collections made in Germany

As a result of the more or less spontaneous transition to home working, many employees set up a rather improvised workstation for themselves at home. Virtual meetings allowed colleagues a view of family life that was sometimes turbulent – private lives suddenly became public.

Now it’s becoming clear that the status quo is going to remain the same for a little while to come it’s worthwhile making the best of that work corner at home, setting it up to meet your needs even more optimally. We’ve been developing solutions for you that might represent long-term investments for home working in terms of design and health!

Our end-to-end portfolio of single-source furnishing solutions incorporates concepts for a variety of room scenarios in different styles. Depending on whether there’s a separate room available that can be furnished as a working space, or whether the working area needs to be integrated directly into the living space.

Home office solutions for multipurpose spaces

A comfortably integrated office: working in the bedroom

Mobile solution that matches the interior design in both colour and style. A comfortable workstation where you’d be happy to spend the whole day.

The best conversations take place in the kitchen – and now the virtual ones too!

Sit-stand solutions with a small footprint and flexible notice board. Visual and acoustic screening. Can be positioned flexibly.

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