Behind the scenes: planning of our WORK.CULTURE.CAMPUS

Interview with Carina Hölzer, interior designer at König + Neurath

What was the need that gave rise to the idea for the WORK.CULTURE.CAMPUS?

Carina Hölzer: In 2018, we presented our new brand identity at Orgatec. Our brand relaunch was a driver for us to further develop all dimensions of our brand in line with the new brand identity - including our spatial presentation. We have developed our branches into imaginative worlds of experience. We wanted the same for our location in Karben. Our brand identity was to become comprehensively visible and tangible here. Our WORK.CULTURE.CAMPUS - the idea to transform our entire location into an authentic brand experience - was born.

The heart of the WORK.CULTURE.CAMPUS is the showroom. What is the concept behind it?

Carina Hölzer: We show our DNA, our history, our consulting approach WORK.CULTURE.MAP and the topic of sustainability here. With the showroom, we build a bridge to the client - here, they deal with their own requirements and attitudes in relation to working culture and working environments. We accompany them throughout the process as an experienced partner, discovering "their" work culture together with them. And we present them with imaginative solutions to make them come alive. With the showroom and its individual areas, we create a holistic, convincing customer journey.

What can customers expect on this customer journey in the showroom?

Carina Hölzer: In the chair studio and in the workstation and table area, customers learn everything about our different programmes and designs. There is also a material library and a planning area, the customer service with the topics customising and logistics. And we have an area that we can play with flexibly, for example with exciting design studies, new products and the topic of agile working.


Central to the showroom are the four working worlds, which customers can use for orientation.

Carina Hölzer: Yes, we present our four style collections PURE, FLOW, TIMELESS, VISION. This is the advisory stage for what we prepare in advance with the customers in dialogue. Here we prove that what is worked out culturally and stylistically finds its counterpart in the room. The style worlds are inspiration for our clients.

What added value do you derive for yourself and your work from the WORK.CULTURE.CAMPUS?

Carina Hölzer: The biggest benefit for me is the convincing customer journey. We can now map the process for the customer: How he works out important things in interaction with us and the specialist disciplines, makes decisions in workshops and can check them in the OG in the working worlds. I want the client to approach us with whatever issue and for us to continue the contact from there. That the experience for the customer is not interrupted and that the process is coherent for him. We have come a great deal closer to this goal with the new showroom and the entire WORK.CULTURE.CAMPUS. This is also the feedback we get from customers: Everything is clear, well-arranged and structured. They understand how we proceed in the project. Our role as process facilitator is now understandable and coherent.


The WORK.CULTURE.CAMPUS is an ideal example of how you can present yourself as a brand. In this case König + Neurath ...

Carina Hölzer: Correct, a central theme at the WORK.CULTURE.CAMPUS is the presentation of one's own identity. We also talk to our customers about what creates identity for them. And what characteristics they need so that a piece of furniture can function as an instrument of their own corporate identity. In the showroom I can explain very well which solutions, which colour and form language is useful for them in connection with their brand identity. This is an important point because companies also use their working environment as an employer branding tool.

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