Satisfaction as motivator

Laughing. Smiling. Happiness.

Satisfaction as motivator

People all around the world – regardless of whether they’re female, male, young, old, living in Germany, the USA or a monastery in Bhutan – they all aspire to be happy.

You might say that we’re intrinsically motivated to find fulfilment. We often take completely different journeys, and they don’t always lead to the goal. You see, happiness is something that in the first instance doesn’t have much to do with external circumstances.

Happiness ist more than doing fun things. It’s about doing meaningful things.

Or as happiness researchers might put it: “Happiness is always an inside job.”

Und doch hat das Glücklichsein, das Streben nach Zufriedenheit zwei Dimensionen, die auch für Unternehmen interessant sind: Es ist ein machtvoller Motivator. Plus: Die eigene Zufriedenheit spiegelt sich wiederum nach außen. Sie zieht Menschen und Situationen an, die das Glück potenzieren. Ein Unternehmen profitiert also in doppelter Hinsicht davon, wenn es sich mit dem Thema Glück = Mitarbeiterzufriedenheit auseinandersetzt und sie fördert:

1. Employees aspire towards contentment, success and fulfilment.

2. Contented teams are more productive and work more efficiently.

3. Companies that promote contentment are more successful in financial terms, and more attractive to the right employees.

So what makes people happy?

The top happiness factors are good social relationships with family, friends and colleagues. An optimistic outlook, personal freedom and health also play a key role.

What we also need for contentment is a fulfilling occupation that provides financial security.

So every manager can contribute towards encouraging contentment: by providing meaningful jobs and fulfilling tasks. With a pleasant working climate characterised by appreciation, cooperation, fairness and team spirit. There are also plenty of tools geared towards employees as well as teams that can help develop the capacity of each individual to reflect whilst encouraging a positive outlook.

And finally the office environment can be designed to create optimum conditions so that your day-to-day work routines are dominated by a subjective sense of freedom and health.

König + Neurath helps you create inspired office layouts to meet individual needs.

With office situations in which everyone’s needs are met with regard to cooperative work – due to the existence of attractive meeting solutions in which off-topic chats and social interaction are encouraged. With offices that are perfect for quiet working when the need arises. With furniture that promotes mobility by encouraging users to sit, stand, rock and be on the move. With comfortable lounge areas that use colours, materials and shapes to bring a positive and inspirational vibe.

A task chair that’s so elegant and ergonomic that it makes you smile. Or a luxury armchair that’s just fun to sit on.

Happiness is often found in small things, little gestures and snapshots of moments. Why shouldn’t it be found in the office, too?

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