Room in room solutions

Why we need a cooperative environment.

And how room-in-room concepts can make spaces more attractive.

Distancing isn’t something that comes naturally to human beings, according to DIE ZEIT, with reference to two new publications by an anthropologist and a development paediatrician. Remo Largo and Michael Tomasello explain that without cultural coordination we aren’t able to come up with many ideas. Cooperative working, forming communities, thinking and acting/interacting as a group are so deeply rooted in our human nature that this is the only way we can generate new material. So this is what’s behind the longing to return to the office, to be together amongst our colleagues.

However we still need distance, room to think, space for peace and quiet. The room-in-room solutions from König + Neurath can support this: they facilitate flexible office planning by allowing effective utilisation of open space offices and providing opportunities for quiet spaces. The König + Neurath portfolio includes a wide selection of room-in-room solutions – you can find the right product for any office situation and every need. As a process facilitator we work with you to analyse your current situation and come up with individual solutions that we implement in cooperation with you – from measurement to installation or restructuring – if that’s what a new situation calls for.

Good acoustics in the open space

Whether you opt for INSIDE.CUBE, QUIET.BOX or THINK.TANK – regardless of size, interior outfitting and design variant, you will not only have an instant solution, but also one that’s acoustically efficient and includes lighting, ventilation and electrics. A particularly practical feature is that our room-in-room solutions function independently of anchor points such as wall and ceiling, giving you plenty of scope and flexibility for positioning. There’s also a wide selection of exterior panels (colour, fabrics, material) and profiles - alternatively the integration of whiteboards or presentation technology allows you a variety of design and outfitting options.

The QUIET.BOX for instance is the smallest member of the room-in-room family and is made of wood. Our expertise in processing this sustainable material allows us to supply this cubicle with factory-installed insulation, lighting, ventilation and power, making it ready for use 30 minutes after delivery.

Free-standing cubes, from small to large

We manufacture the larger solutions as post-and-rail structures made from aluminium – using the same technique used 25 years earlier for the glazed partition system HORIZONTE. Since office environments have become increasingly flexible in design and the feeling of space in open offices has gained importance, the popularity of our free-standing room-in-room solutions – cubes – has grown too. That’s why we developed the QUIET.BOX Duo, which is designed as a retreat pod for two people and installed ready to use. A new addition to the range is the QUIET.BOX Duo XL. As the name suggests, it’s a larger version of our meeting solution, providing space for brainstorming, dialogue and collaborative work not just for two people, but for four. It’s a private place to think and work together. Just like in days gone by. You can use our more spacious THINK.TANKS to create conference rooms, lounges, quiet working areas or individual offices.

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