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An atmosphere that boosts creativity and concentration

Since the beginning of 2018, the staff at the German financial journal have been pursuing their demanding tasks from the seven-storey publishing house, La Tête, on Toulouser Allee in Düsseldorf-Pempelfort. The underlying rhythm to the 1,500 square metres-large space is dictated by the open space areas while two dozen single-user and double-user offices embrace the extensive spaces. The conference room, meeting room and retreat zones complement the function offer and accentuate the design.

From height-adjustable desk to the award-winning AURAY conference chair, from storage furniture to soft seating solutions – all furniture was planned and produced by König + Neurath. Week for week, under the best possible conditions, a guiding medium for decision-makers is formed which reports in detail on current trends in business and politics.

I am glad that we now have a room concept and furniture which provide optimal support for our print and digital workflows, even in the future.

Beat Balzi, Editor in Chief of WirtschaftsWoche

Infused with light, inviting and modern is how Varinia Bernau describes the rooms that the editorial team recently moved into. “It really is fun to work here.” The head of Innovation & Digital points out the open space arrangement of the working environment. The editors work side by side in an open space and Varinia Bernau tends to use a single-user office. It is there that she can hold a confidential conversation with a member of her staff and finds the peace and quiet to finetune the final details of an article. To exchange ideas and discuss topics, the team uses a meeting room that features a TABLE.H high table.

The atmosphere promotes creativity and concentration.

Varinia Bernau, Head of Innovation & Digital

For the conceptual development and implementation of the new premises for the editors, the head of building management at Handelsblatt Group, Anke Otterbeck, relied on outside support from the very start. Involved in the planning and implementation: König + Neurath. Combine, a seasoned consulting agency with extensive experience in the media sector, accompanied a development team from WirtschaftsWoche composed of employees from all levels of hierarchy through multiple workshops and came up with a comprehensive floor-use concept. The colour scheme for the entire building just like the premises of WirtschaftsWoche were designed by the interior architect, Claudia de Bruyn. Anke Otterbeck: “In collaboration with the experts from König + Neurath, we translated the design and colour concept into materials and products during a workshop with Claudia de Bruyn.”

König + Neurath were the chosen partners because WirtschaftsWoche and the furniture maker share a similar canon of values and quality standards as medium-sized enterprises.

The constructive collaboration on all levels meant that König + Neurath was the perfect partner for us.

Anke Otterbeck, Head of Building Management at Handelsblatt Group

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