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König + Neurath helps to create the ideal working environment

Six floors, 9,600 square metres of office space and a 500 square metre outdoor area for 400 employees. With the move into its new headquarters, TK Elevator, the former subsidiary of ThyssenKrupp, is setting new standards for flexible and dynamic working. The world's largest manufacturer of lift systems is known for innovative and technically sophisticated services such as lift maintenance under the banner of "Urban Mobility". With customers in more than 100 countries and over 50,000 employees worldwide, TK Elevator makes people mobile, not only vertically - with lifts and escalators - but also with home and airport solutions, complex digital solutions for networked buildings and a global, modern and diverse corporate structure.

A geographical, structural and cultural change jointly translated into spaces by TK Elevator, Seel Bobsin Partner and König + Neurath.

"Our holistic design concept follows the new TKE claim 'move beyond' and combines technological aspirations with modern biophilic design elements," says Kim Bobsin about the guiding idea behind the design approach, which comes from renowned planning office sbp. "The interior design deliberately disregards a dogmatic brand presentation and clearly aims at a user-oriented working environment with a high quality of stay in the form and colour scheme."

Our furnishing solutions, which support health and movement at the workplace, also play a large part in this. The QUIET.BOX Duo room-in-room solutions act as structure-forming elements.

Gunnar Seel and Kim Marc Bobsin

How the "dawn of a new era" is expressed in the design concept

Last year, the company moved into its new headquarters in the immediate vicinity of Düsseldorf Airport, which was flexibly designed to match the dynamic corporate claim: Activity-based working is the motto, which is expressed in the planers' holistic concept with different zones and a so-called multi-space concept: depending on the working method, it is possible to switch flexibly between areas for concentrated work or social meetings. Within defined 'home zones', there is a free choice of workplaces in one's own department. In terms of furnishings, the professionals from sbp and those responsible from TK Elevator were guided by the brand identity, which can be seen in the colour scheme and choice of materials.

Our involvement: König + Neurath furnishings and room solutions for TK Elevator

The rental space was planned in intertwined structures with departmental furniture variants and a harmonious design focused on the well-being of the users. This is also ensured by the biophilia elements, which were realised with our ACTA.PLUS cabinets with plant attachments. Additional acoustic absorbers on the outer walls of the QUIET.BOX Duo create ideal conditions for dynamic and focused work. Lighting adapted to the current daylight, comfortable social meeting areas and the Social Gravity Point, the communicative heart of the room design, are important components of the attractive, contemporary and sustainable working environments.

  • TALO.S motorised desks with privacy panels for optimal, healthy and mobile work
  • OKAY.III swivel chairs with full ergonomic features and cantilever chairs for conferences and meetings
  • ACTA.PLUS sliding-door cabinets with planting attachments
  • QUIET.BOX Duo customised room solutions
  • High tables with real wood legs and soft-touch top for dynamic work areas and social meeting points
  • NET.WORK.PLACE Organic stools in the communication areas

"The entire process of planning and equipping with König + Neurath solutions went smoothly and absolutely reliably. Positive feedback - like here from the project team and the decision-makers at TK Real Estate - is also valuable feedback for us as the executing planning office," says Kim Bobsin.

Detailed information on our custom-made QUIET.BOX Duo

  • Size: 1200 x 1800 x 2226 mm (40 cm smaller than the standard version)
  • glass wall across the corner, the door was moved
  • Ceiling light by Zumtobel, special design
  • Storage board on the side wall (fixed in the glass panel)
  • Several sockets above the shelf (double USB charger, network connection, light switch)
  • Special feature: outer wall in fabric (quilted fabric by Camira, QSH55)
  • in addition to standard fabric absorbers on the inside, absorbers are also used on the outside to improve the acoustics of the area

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