Reference INEOS

Reference INEOS

Promoting communication and concentration at the same time? This is how!

INEOS Styrolution is a world market leader in styrenics. It used the relocation of its offices to launch a new working culture. The goal was to positively influence intra-office dynamics between employees as well as on-the-job concentration. With this collaboration, we transformed the New Work and Intercommunicative Working World into pioneering workplace models which have lastingly improved the atmosphere at work within the company

INEOS Styrolution had developed the vision for its future working culture following a comprehensive workplace analysis. The principal content-related precept was to lastingly promote communication amongst its roughly 350 employees, ranging from trainee to managing director, while maintaining a focused approach to work. Moreover, the new concept was to accommodate the divergent needs of multiple generations, just like the company’s Corporate Design. Following this, the company chose Fifty Avon on Mainzer Landstraße in Frankfurt’s renowned banking district as its future location. The office building represents a visionary property and office culture and advocates an innovative symbiosis between work, communication, and life. Around 5,300 m² of office space on the 4th and 5th floor, plus individual sections on the ground floor have been leased.

Following an open competition, INEOS Styrolution chose the Kronberg property designer, Spielmann Officehouse GmbH: their ME, YOU, WE and US concept convincingly pooled the company’s wish for improved internal communication. König + Neurath were chosen to realise the office worlds. The ME module stands for single-user workstations (Smart Work), while the WE module embraces smaller and mid-sized meeting rooms (Collaboration). YOU encompasses all semi-public areas like lounges, kitchens, the catering area, while the US module merges typical public areas such as the main lounges, interview rooms and conference rooms.

“A good office concept will only work if it includes all types of workstation, from cubicle to open spaces to lounges”, explains Armin Felgner of Spielmann Officehouse GmbH. And that is the very essence of what was implemented in the rooms of INEOS Styrolution, with a high demand for individuality: “ACTA.PLUS pull-out sidefilers were tailored to INEOS’ individual needs. Not a single screw remained in its original position. That was a genuine challenge for König + Neurath, and for us”, recalls Armin Felgner of Spielmann Officehouse GmbH.

The result is visually appealing and intelligently defines zones for the many requirements while positively impacting the quality of output: bench solutions improve communications between employees during an on-the-fly exchange. THINK.TANKs, self-sufficient meeting rooms at the centre of the open space, facilitate focused team meetings everywhere. Moreover, ergonomic sitting-standing-workstations contribute significantly to the company’s health management scheme and ensure a motivating office environment: Without exception, all employees benefit from the motorised, vertically-adjustable TALO.S table by König + Neurath.

A multitude of individual measures allowed us to solve the challenging task of creating an enjoyable environment that promotes concentration. Next to curtains offering acoustic privacy and screens positioned on ACTA cabinets, we used INSIDE.50 modular screens. The lounges for the WE module feature components from the multi-talented NET.WORK.PLACE range. We created a functional and diverse workplace concept which reflects a co-worker’s need for quiet at their personal workstation, as well as the company’s vision for more communication.

Keep on moving.

König + Neurath’s ergonomically-designed sitting-standing-workstations make it easy to switch between a seated and standing activity, thereby strengthening the user’s abdominal muscles and leg muscles, taking pressure off intervertebral disks and the spine and promoting blood circulation. Concentration improves in the following, which reduces absenteeism. A plus in health management is generated by our TALO.S workplace system which can be adjusted to six different heights. The T-leg line comes as a no-power version with a gas spring to bring the desk to the desired height, and as a motorised version with a memory function that sets the desired height of the workstation at the touch of a button.

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