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Biophilic space concepts characterise the working environment

When you enter the new German head office of credit insurance company Euler Hermes, you feel as though you just stepped into the future. With generous organic forms, clever use of plants and bold design lines, you’re drawn almost hypnotically into the building. “Emotions always play an important role in our concepts. Our primary goal is to make sure our interior spaces have their own identity and legibility: the key terms are identification, orientation, recognition and differentiation,” says Kim Marc Bobsin of sbp, the Hamburg planning office responsible for interior design there.

When nature sets the tone

The credit insurance company from Hamburg aims to prioritise sustainability at the Euler Hermes complex, not just in visual terms. The building is DGNB Gold certified with energy consumption down by about 80% compared with previous sites, a reduction in heat consumption by a huge 87%, and water usage is expected to be 70% lower than before. In the new modern workplace with its open, light and communication-oriented atmosphere, there are around 1,100 employees and they are surrounded by plants. The “biophilic” design components throughout the building are meant to increase employee wellbeing. The human affinity with nature, they say, improves people’s concentration and focus, as well as reducing stress.

König + Neurath has installed workstations and supplied THINK.TANKs

Other design aspects have an impact on the teamwork and the corporate culture. The multi-space structure is intended to promote communication, allow scope for digitalisation and facilitate expression of the corporate culture. Factors such as structural rethinking, flat hierarchies and mobile/agile working are central to the development of the new working environment. Special areas that convey identity and variety, along with extra workspaces for all employees, ensure an attractive, top quality working environment and better organisation in the office. König + Neurath supplied Euler Hermes a total of 80 THINK.TANKs for meetings. The black aluminium profiles of the room-in-room solutions underline the modern character of the room architecture. For the ergonomic workstations, the product developer from Karben installed TALO.S desks with motorised height adjustment and flyby screens for visual privacy. The block of four is complemented with JET.II swivel chairs and pedestals. ACTA.PLUS storage elements with acoustic fronts not only offer plenty of storage, they also zone the office spaces. Nature is integral to these space concepts in wide-ranging manifestations with a balanced mix of biophilic colours, forms and structures, as well as the use of plants – which also serves as a visual aid for optimum orientation in the building.

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