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An attractive place to work

Bystronic Laser, one of the leading manufacturers of laser cutting systems and press brakes, realised a pilot project in collaboration with office planners Büro Keller and office furniture manufacturer König + Neurath to redesign the 1,200 square metre office space on the fourth floor of its headquarters in Niederonz.

Mission statement

The aim of the project was to create an open, communicative and flexible working environment for 100 employees, which fulfils today's requirements for a dynamic corporate culture and at the same time offers retreats for concentrated work.

Furnishing concept

The furnishing concept is based on a harmonious colour combination of yellow, blue and grey, which underlines the prevailing industrial style and at the same time identifies the different work zones. With quiet concentration zones, normal work zones and lively communication zones, Bystronic fulfils the different work requirements. Particular attention was paid to the acoustic solutions for a quiet working environment.

In close co-operation between our Swiss subsidiary and our long-standing specialist partner Büro Keller, almost all of the furniture was supplied from Karben. Rene Stichel, Managing Director of König + Neurath Switzerland, explains: "Thanks to our high level of vertical integration, we can customise our standard range, for example if larger cable ducts or additional drill holes are required." Customised products were not necessary at Bystronic Laser, but the factory tour confirmed the customers and planners in their decision.

We have been working with König + Neurath for a very long time. A good relationship of trust is crucial in a project like this.

Dominik Forster, Projektleiter at Büro Keller
With optimum sound insulation, air conditioning and ventilation system, the QUIET.BOX Duo is an ideal meeting solution in open-plan office environments.


  • Office concept: An open office design with flexible workstations supports short communication channels and promotes dialogue between employees.
  • Ergonomic furniture: Motorised height-adjustable desks and the ergonomic office swivel chairs HUG.Y made from 65.5% recycled material support health in the workplace and promote dynamic working.
  • Communication and retreat zones: raised meeting tables invite you to spontaneous meetings or coffee breaks, closed, free-standing QUIET.BOX Duo for concentrated work or confidential telephone calls and conversations.
  • Acoustic solutions: The acoustically effective INSIDE.30 screen system is used to separate work areas and improve room acoustics. They can be moved quickly thanks to the castors.
  • Room structuring: ACTA.PLUS Locker are suitable for dividing up and structuring areas as well as providing a focal point for employees who want to store their belongings safely in the open space. ACTA.PLUS room divider with plant attachments serve as visual room dividers and also improve the room climate.

Summary and feedback

The implementation of the new workplace concept has led to a noticeable improvement in internal communication and the well-being of employees. An employee survey confirmed this with an approval rating of 85 per cent. As a result of this success, Bystronic Laser is planning to extend the concept to other floors and also to equip international sites with it. This forward-looking workplace concept represents an important step towards an adaptable and employee-orientated corporate culture.

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