Reference BP Europa SE

Reference BP Europa SE

Innovative room concepts head for success at Hamburg’s HafenCity

BP Europa SE moved to its new location in the heart of Hamburg’s HafenCity and drew on this to implement a particularly innovative room concept. Its office world at the former location was already defined by open-space structures – and it was along those lines that the company wanted to advance. To accompany this process, BP Europa SE chose König + Neurath. Together with BP, we created a new symbiosis comprised of an optimised use of the space and highly appealing workstations.

In early June 2013, after 15 months of planning, the roughly 270 workstations of BP Europa SE were taken up at the Sumatrakontor. Located in the very heart of the overseas district and offering jobs to almost 7,000 people, it forms the centre of HafenCity together with the cruise ship terminal and a high concentration of retailers. The district combines working and living, culture and leisure, tourism and retail trade – as does Sumatrakontor which pools residential units, office spaces, shops and restaurants on around 30,000 square metres.

The building and its varying, quality façade elements and spectacular atrium – designed by the internationally-renowned Dutch architecture office of Erick van Egeraat – was completed at the end of 2010. The upper floors are home to modern, multi-functional offices infused with light and draw on flexible, generously-appointed partitioning options. The wing located on Überseeboulevard accommodates an additional 81 residential units ranging between 43 and 155 square metres. The building is accessed via a green inner courtyard which is not open to the public and is located just above the shops. Retailers and restaurants are spread across the ground floor areas.

The competition for furnishing the 270 workstations, conference rooms and informal communication areas and quiet spaces for focused working resulting in König + Neurath producing the winning bid. “Two items were decisive”, says Heike Böhnisch of vonhaveprojekt GmbH, “one was the fact that König + Neurath provide an all-inclusive service and therefore were able to meet the complex requirements of BP Europa SE; and the other was that the company offered good value for money.”

The interior supplied by König + Neurath, in combination with the structural components, reduced the reverberation time to an outstanding value of between 0.4 and 0.5.

Heike Böhnisch

We were further able to add value in terms of customisation. For double-user workstations we produced custom-built ACTA.PLUS storage elements with acoustic fronts that are mirrored which allow for a two-way use. Side screens reduce the sound level even further.

The storage elements’ top panel comes in a trendy, coppery finish. A flyby screen adapted to the width of the desk serves to protect one’s privacy from the colleague facing the user and is aligned with the user’s needs and workflows, thereby creating a warm, performance-enhancing ambiance.

And even for the lighting concept, we chose a new path. For example, we integrated special luminaires by KB Form into the storage elements to avoid tripping hazards in the common areas. Additionally, we also supplied four workstations with a single cutting-edge, energy-efficient luminaire.

We equipped the quiet spaces for focused working with chairs for visitors, benches and counter stools from the PUBLICA line and rounded off the arrangement with the NET.WORK.PLACE central zone concept. The OKAY.II cantilever with a mesh back was the chair of choice for meeting rooms; smaller retreat areas that provide space for focused working were furnished with the KINETA swivel chair.

An essential part of BP Europa SE’s working culture is to provide an attractive environment to its employees. The new, open space office design by König + Neurath systematically highlights this approach.

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