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ProfiCamp for Eintracht Frankfurt

A new home for team spirit and work culture

At Eintracht Frankfurt they don't just "work" on the pitch – but alongside it as well: to back up the professional players there's a team working hard on administration, media, marketing and communication. In the new ProfiCamp the whole team will be brought together at one site for the first time. The result is an inspirational working environment that will provide a new home for the agile team and work culture found at Eintracht Frankfurt.

Sports culture meets work culture

Watch the video to see how Eintracht Frankfurt and König + Neurath are working together to create the working environment in the new ProfiCamp.

There will be around 250 workstations in the new ProfiCamp, which is rapidly taking shape adjacent to the Commerzbank-Arena. Once it's finished at the end of 2020, the team will enjoy a top-spec infrastructure for sports at professional level. The new office and administration units are state-of-the-art as well, and will provide a versatile new workplace for the entire team. Another thing that's new is having everyone under one roof – up to now they have been spread across three sites.

The established football club discover their work culture

It's an exciting challenge for König + Neurath – because we're helping the club to discover their work culture and designing the interiors accordingly. In a WORK.CULTURE.WORKSHOP run by König + Neurath, a multi-disciplinary team from Eintracht Frankfurt worked out what the cooperative strategy would be like in the new ProfiCamp. They discussed and visualised the importance of agility, management style, technology and other dimensions using the WORK.CULTURE.MAP as an analytical tool. The great thing about Eintracht Frankfurt is the team culture amongst the professional players. It's characterised by diversity and a strong team spirit – both qualities that apply equally to the interdisciplinary and multicultural staff behind the player team.

We have a heterogeneous structure. Of course it's essential to reflect this in our working methods and the new premises.

Henning Enste, Facility Manager at Eintracht Frankfurt

Understanding diversity as an opportunity is one inspiring aspect of this project. König + Neurath is supporting the established club in this process along with other partners – and helping them create a new working environment that meets the wide spectrum of needs across the team. This diversity has a common, central theme: agile cooperation. The agility of the professionals on the pitch is an ethic borne out across the whole team. That's why it's considered important to incorporate areas for both formal and informal meetings in the new ProfiCamp. As well as private meeting rooms there will also be open zones to allow ad-hoc meetings and informal chats. The new works restaurant will offer space for spontaneous communication across all team areas. What's so special about it is that office employees will rub shoulders with the team players here – another positive factor for the team ethic.

The ProfiCamp is a real milestone for Eintracht Frankfurt. They are all hoping that the new premises with its diverse working environment will allow their work processes to become more efficient and improve employer attractiveness, whilst creating space for further growth. We're proud to be supporting Eintracht Frankfurt in this process.

For us the new ProfiCamp building is a milestone, because we're creating a new home for our corporate and work culture.

Jan Strasheim, Head of Media & Communication at Eintracht Frankfurt

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