ProfiCamp forEintracht Frankfurt

This is where the Eintracht family finally comes together

König + Neurath in conversation with Christoph Preuß, team manager of Eintracht Frankfurt

The new ProfiCamp is a milestone for Eintracht Frankfurt. Here, the professional players' area as well as all other departments of Eintracht Frankfurt Fußball AG will be brought together under one roof. As a partner of the SGE, we will support in designing the new working environment

We met Christoph Preuß, team manager of Eintracht Frankfurt and talked to him about his expectations of the new ProfiCamp, team culture and playing in the home stadium.


Christoph Preuß about the excitement and importance of the new ProfiCamp for the team.

Discover further background information on our cooperation with Eintracht Frankfurt and the video documentation of the first project phase.

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