With the WORK.CULTURE.MAP, König + Neurath offers a special analysis tool that provides companies with valuable insights into their own work culture - and the basis for the subsequent derivation of suitable room concepts. What is it all about? Academy director and work culture expert Georg Frech reports on how he supports companies in transformation processes with the tool.

You have been working with WORK.CULTURE.MAP since 2018. What is special about the tool?

Georg Frech: With the WORK.CULTURE.MAP, our customers discover the work culture in their company. Seven different dimensions from agility to work-life to leadership style make it visible where the company currently stands.

What does the work with WORK.CULTURE.MAP look like in concrete terms?

Georg Frech: The first step is to hold a workshop with a small, representative group. This group can be made up of facility management, human resources, the works council or participating architects, for example. We often support our clients in putting together the workshop participants.

It is important to us that each participant brings his or her own perspective on the company. And that the group develops a common understanding of terms such as agility, work-life or new work. This then results in a holistic picture of the current work culture.

If the client wishes, we verify the workshop results via digital survey tools with other employees - up to the entire company. In this way, different interpretations and visions of individual areas or departments can be made visible. This gives us an even sharper data basis. In addition, every employee involved becomes a project participant and stands behind it.

What added value does the WORK.CULTURE.MAP offer? What insights do you gain in the workshop?

Georg Frech: Once we have made the dimensions of work culture visible with the WORK.CULTURE.MAP, the next step is to work on translating them into the work environment. This way we can really align the working environment with the company and the people in it.

But we gain much more than that. The WORK.CULTURE.MAP provides the client with insights into his current work culture, which he can also use beyond the office furnishings. He finds out where his company stands in the seven dimensions - and where the company wants to go. From this, he can deduce where further steps are necessary to achieve the target image in the work culture. Other areas can also benefit from this, such as the company's organisation.

**So your clients not only want to design the working environment, but also support in transformation processes? **

Georg Frech: Absolutely. Many come to us for that. Companies have experienced and learned a lot through challenges like Corona in the last three years. They want to adapt to new situations - for example, the return to the office with hybrid working models.  And understand very well that you cannot implement "new work" or "agility" by simply putting new furniture in the room. Often companies are looking for a structured analysis of the perceived experience and the resulting joint development of a realistic and appropriate vision.

What role does the WORK.CULTURE.CAMPUS play in the work around the WORK.CULTURE.MAP?

Georg Frech: At our WORK.CULTURE.CAMPUS in Karben, we want to make it possible for customers and employees to experience all facets of our brand. The centrepiece is the showroom, to which the academy is also attached.

The WORK.CULTURE.CAMPUS offers us inspiring workshop rooms. We use them for the work around the WORK.CULTURE.MAP. We are reluctant to go into conventional rooms - possibly even with U-shaped table constellations. There, people in dialogue are literally not at eye level with each other, the dialogue is clearly less creative and open. The WORK.CULTURE.CAMPUS offers us exactly the atmosphere we need for our workshops: open, creative and completely focused on the topic of work culture. And in the showroom, you can also be inspired as to how your own working culture can be translated into your own suitable working environment with our solutions.

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