Our own logistics organisation

Service-minded. Reliable. Ecological.

Our own fleet of trucks for maximum customer satisfaction in delivery performance

König + Neurath stand for an all-inclusive service from A to Z. Accordingly, the personal delivery of our furniture by our own staff represents an important part of our all-embracing service commitment. This step finalises the careful planning and production of your new work environment.

For many years now, our own truck fleet manned by drivers who form part of our permanent workforce has been delivering on our commitment to quality – and achieving an exceptionally high degree of customer satisfaction in the process.

As of September 2018, all the vehicles in our fleet will meet the Euro 6 standard, representing the highest currently defined environmental benchmark for combustion engines. Their clean, fuel-efficient operation minimises pollutant emissions. Nitrogen oxide emissions are 80 % lower than under the Euro 5 standard which is commonly still in operation today.

We leave nothing to chance when it comes to ensuring our vehicles are ready for operation. It is therefore only logical that our trucks are serviced at our in-house workshop, and that we maintain our own refuelling station and washing facility. This nuts-and-bolts approach ensures our service keeps running smoothly.

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