Orgatec 2018



The world of work is changing - and with it the requirements pertaining to office space. At this year’s ORGATEC we presented our office solutions to cover present-day and future needs in the world of work under the WORK.STYLE.CULTURE. banner. We explored individual work cultures together with our customers and showed how our WORK.CULTURE.MAP advisory concept helps to create coherent room scenarios, according due consideration to personal requirements in the room planning and design process.

Visitors to our stand discovered various room scenarios, interpreted in our four style collections PURE, FLOW, TIMELESS and VISION. Our new products also featured in these style collections, of course.

The new, innovative task chair JET.III makes an immediate impression with its organic design inspired by nature. As soon as you sit on this chair, you can tell what sets it apart: a task chair that perfectly supports the body contours and can be adjusted intuitively using just two levers.

Sitting, standing, interacting should be possible at many points. You can create inspiring work and communication areas with our new developments LIFE.S Interaction in conjunction with LIFE.S Stool and LIFE.S Indoor.

Quiet retreats for concentrated working or personal conversations are important for anyone working in an open-plan environment. Our new QUIET.BOX Duo fits the bill perfectly here. As a fully independent room with air conditioning and ventilation, it can be installed simply and quietly anywhere on your premises.

When open work cultures, open structures and open communications apply, it is important to offer employees an anchor - a place where personal items can be kept and safely stowed away. Our ACTA.PLUS Lockers are a solution which you can configure as appropriate to your work environment and requirements, with various locking mechanisms, fronts, materials and colours.

Come inside the box – think out of the box! In our new THINK.TANK.II based on the TWO.2.BLOCK glass partition system, for example. An environment for loud or quiet, dynamic or concentrated working and interaction – you decide, and leave the rest of the office aside for a while.

Questioning the status quo and driving innovation forward is all part of our daily work. This also includes the use of technologies such as VR and AR in our product development.
We have various projects in progress which are concerned with the future face of the workplace. We presented one such development project at ORGATEC in the guise of K+N WORKER.
Our K+N SMART.OFFICE solution is already up and running today. The age of digitisation calls for real-time decisions and reactions. K+N SMART.OFFICE offers a tool which enables you to analyse the use of resources more effectively and to identify where changes are necessary more quickly, so that you can pro-actively draw up proposals for change processes.

However large or small your company may be, we at König + Neurath believe that a full understanding or our customers and the task in hand is crucial if we are to offer tailor-made solutions. A work culture can only be understood if you know the entire story. Accordingly, any development project always begins with a joint exploration of the given work culture. Only then do we go on to evolve room scenarios and identify suitable furnishing concepts. Interested how we go about this? Feel free to get in touch.

We would like to thank all our customers, dealers, brand partners and staff for an inspiring and successful ORGATEC 2018.

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