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Bring nature into the (home) office

We show you three simple ways

Die Natur hat einen heilsamen Einfluss auf den Körper und unseren Geist. Das ist nicht erst seit den umfangreichen Nature has a healing influence on the body and our mind. This has been scientifically proven not only since the extensive Japanese research that laid the foundation for the triumphal march of forest bathing in Europe as well. The positive effects of natural elements in rooms - or even just the view of greenery - have been confirmed many times in recent years and today ensure that rooms and buildings are increasingly designed according to the so-called biophilic principle. Nature can also work wonders in the office. Today we will show you three ways to make your office (or the office corner at home) even more natural - which can have a positive effect on your mood!

1. Create a feel-good atmosphere with colours

Natural colours have already set the tone at furniture fairs in Europe over the past two years. Sand and beige nuances, wood and brown tones, green in all its shades - this is how you can retreat into your own home and feel connected to nature at the same time. In office design, you can use these colours in numerous variations. How about painting an accent wall in a rich green, for example? This grounds you and conveys calm. Browns also have this effect, the darker they are, the more luxurious the look.

2. Good energy through organic shapes and materials

Dark leather, warm woods, textiles with a pleasant feel - all these have an almost unconscious effect on the feeling of well-being. And it can be enough to use these materials discreetly: as soft chair cushions, with a wooden table top or as decorative elements. The shape of the furniture also plays a role. Rounded corners, round shapes, circles ... they all speak to us on a subconscious level and suggest "cosiness". No wonder Mid Century Design with its round shapes has become increasingly popular in recent months!

3. Plants that purify the air (and the mind)

Indoor plants are not only a treat for the eyes, they can also improve the air. Some are also quite undemanding, so they thrive well with less attention in the office. The best air purifiers are:

  • Green lily
  • Dragon tree
  • Ivy
  • Bow hemp
  • Kentia palm
  • Dieffenbachia
  • Chrysanthemum
  • Monocot
  • Window leaf

The four plus points of our ACTA.PLUS room divider

With our ACTA.PLUS room divider, you not only create sophisticated areas of retreat, but also zone the room. At the same time, you create a feel-good atmosphere:

  • They create opportunities for retreat.
  • They improve the acoustics.
  • They are available in pleasant materials and colours.
  • They can be planted to your heart's content - simply attach the plant attachment!

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