OKAY.III follows your working rhythm

Efficiency varies from one person to the next. And it changes as the day passes. While some people have already reached full potential in the morning, others are at their best late in the afternoon or during the evening. Just like your biorhythm, your working rhythm goes in a cycle too. One of our goals is to design office furniture so that it fits in with the company’s work culture, as well as providing optimum support for the individual working rhythms of employees.

Bringing your working style into line with your biorhythm

Companies want to exploit the full potential of their employees as far as possible. Studies show that the way an office is designed and furnished can go a long way towards forming a healthy and sustainable working approach. To achieve this, we create room scenarios that allow equal weight to be placed on focused working and relaxation. Our furniture and room solutions are designed to encourage an individual performance curve. “An automatic response kicks in almost as soon as you sit down on the OKAY.III chair. All the users we observed in tests leant back more often. They were clearly having fun bouncing around and keeping on the move. This is how we’re changing the nature of sitting to make it more active. It also encourages mental agility,” says Stefan Oelze, Sales Director Seating.

Employee performance curve throughout the day. Body and mind are most effective at around 10 o'clock in the morning. The human organism reaches its lowest point at around 3 am. Source: Wikipedia

Perfect for your needs – in both function and looks

But even in less active phases the OKAY.III swivel chair can be impressive: its proven VSP® synchro mechanism encourages a harmonious sitting movement when sitting. There is a lumbar support that’s integrated almost invisibly for optimum pressure distribution and exceptional sitting comfort. The seat height, depth and tilt can be adjusted intuitively via straightforward controls with a quick hand movement. Balanced proportions, an attractive shape and a homely character ensure that OKAY.III looks just as impressive in a multipurpose workspace as it does in a home office.

Ludwig König, General Operations Director Germany, is confident that “for a company that wants to encourage team efficiency over the long term, OKAY.III could be a wise investment in employee heath – and it ticks the box for active sitting fun too.”

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