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How to keep a cool head

Good news: Various studies confirm that at higher temperatures, people are more productive, make fewer mistakes and interact more. In fact, the higher the thermometer rises, the closer we get to each other and the better we understand others. So a sunny, hot workday helps improve the work atmosphere - and it's scientifically confirmed!

Nevertheless, it is precisely on particularly hot days that the question of the ideal working atmosphere is raised: Is there a heat-free period at the workplace, just like at school? What can I wear in the office when the temperatures outside crack the 30 °C mark?

Unlike at school, there is no provision for a heat-free period in the workplace. However, employers must already ensure that summer heat protection is guaranteed when designing offices and workplaces. If workplace temperatures still climb above 25 °C, employers and employees can make sure everyone keeps a cool head.

Here are a few tips for dealing with heat in the workplace:

Start earlier

Getting to work is also more relaxed when the sun isn't shining so hard yet. The earlier you start, the sooner you can spend the hot afternoon temperatures on your balcony at home, in the garden or in the outdoor pool. If possible, you could also work from your home office in the afternoon.

Airy clothing

Avoid heat buildup on your body and wear light-colored, breathable clothing made of linen, cotton or other appropriate materials. Depending on your position and job, you may not be able to show up in shorts or a top, in which case a comfortable lightweight fabric next to your skin is recommended. A change of clothes can also be useful.

Use cool breeze skillfully

It is good to start with shock ventilation in the morning and keep windows and blinds closed during the great heat of the day. The air conditioning should not be set too cool, so that the body does not have to manage too much temperature equalization. If you use a fan, make sure you are not sitting directly in the cool draft.

Drink plenty of fluids

When temperatures rise by five degrees Celsius, we need 1.5 more liters of water a day for moderately heavy work. So the recommendation to drink 1.5 liters per day becomes three liters per day on hot days. Mineral water, juice spritzers or tea is recommended, with coffee we sweat right back too much.

Eat lightly

Now the motto is: Don't put too much strain on the circulation. Heavy, fatty foods are not a good idea, rather go for vegetables, salad, light meat dishes.

Want to cool down?

There are several proven ways to cool down the body: Put a cool cloth on the back of your neck, use cool forearm wraps, cool your forearms with cold water or put a bowl of water and some fresh herbs (mint, lemon balm, lemon peel) on the table. The evaporation of the water affects the temperature, the essential oils refresh the respiratory tract.


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