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Our cooperation with Neue Narrative magazine

König + Neurath aims to help shape change in the workplace. That means adding tangible value to every office, conference room, lobby and home workspace with intelligent outfitting solutions made in Germany.

Our furniture and outfitting solutions are created by people who channel their talents and ideas into the products. In everything we do, we consider how we can improve working life through conscious use of resources and high-quality materials.

The right balance of tradition and innovation is important to us in our partnerships with suppliers, dealers, sales professionals and customers. We provide long-term support for people and organisations, helping them discover their work culture and bring it to life with the right space concepts and outfitting ideas.

One partner who is now helping us ask relevant questions is the Neue Narrative magazine. With the authors’ focus being on the people-centred aspect of work, we’ve found it even easier to identify core themes of contemporary relevance by working together – and work out solutions for current and future challenges. We’re looking forward to this dialogue!

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