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KEEP ON MOVING. Keep on working.

For many people, the majority of their life takes place in their head: we make phone calls, read the news, send What’s-App messages, worry about challenging tasks, discuss ideas with the team, plan our holidays, and spend our evenings watching TV or surfing the net. During that time, the body is sitting. That means it’s relatively uninvolved while all the activities are going on.

However the organism needs a minimum of movement to function optimally: bones, muscles and tendons need to be used to ensure that they receive nutrition. The cardiovascular system and digestion work better with activity. So what can we do to ensure that we move around enough on a daily basis? A lot!

Morning, noon and night – it all adds up

The World Health Organisation WHO recommends doing at least 10 000 steps every day. Walking keeps you fit, increases wellbeing and reduces the risk of being ill. Movement helps you to lose weight, reduces stress and eases pain. The good thing is: You can include movement wherever you are..

Plan an extra 20 minutes in your morning routine before you even leave the house for some yoga or a little work-out. Cycle or walk to work. Too far? Then park your car a kilometre away, or get out of the train a station earlier, and walk the rest of the way. Switch positions at your desk as often as you can. Stand up to work. Loosen up your muscles by taking a break to fetch a coffee (or herbal tea). Go for a walk after lunch. Stand for meetings. Stand up to make calls. Walk around while you’re thinking. Find yourself a hobby where you can enjoy moving around – such as dancing, tennis, team sports, hiking, cycling or yoga.

This helps you get into the movement mindset.

König + Neurath has developed numerous furnishing solutions to support the social change needed to encourage more movement. Starting with TALO.S, our range includes sit-stand desks like ACTIVE.T and LIFE.S, as well as self-contained workstations such as K+N STANDBY. OFFICE 2.0 As a practical complement to these workstations we suggest the K+N BALANCE.CHAIR or our K+N SMART.OFFICE solution, with which we can network people, furniture and space.

The software offers diverse solutions for agile work cultures. The ID Connect mini component can be connected directly to the workstation programme for instance, because the leg columns with motorised height adjustment are factory-ready for this option. This allows users to control their workstation position via the desktop app and track their own movement all day long.

Keep on moving. Keep on working

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