Made in Germany


How furniture made in Germany is created at König + Neurath

From the manufacture of box furniture by hand, König + Neurath production has been transformed step by step since 1925 into a highly technical department in which the majority of our employees are employed. In our factory in Karben, almost 100 years after the company was founded, 700 employees alone work day after day with comprehensive specialist know-how to bring our extensive product portfolio of ergonomic office furniture and room-in-room solutions to life. To ensure that the sustainably designed working environments fit the working culture of our customers and that their employees work even more happily and healthily, we manufacture them just as confidently in series as in batch size 1 as customised products.

Made in Karben = Made in Germany.

The guiding principle of Made in Germany applies to all our production steps. To this end, our 90,000 square metre site has all the necessary manufacturing expertise: Wood and metal processing, fabric cutting, sewing and final assembly, aligned according to lean principles and supported by numerous digital processes such as a fully automated high-bay warehouse or collaborating cobots.

The prudent investments in the latest technology benefit our customers (shorter delivery times, optimum quality), our employees (less physical strain) and the environment (low error rate, reduced use of materials). We also follow strict ethical and sustainability guidelines in our subcontracting: We source most of our materials and machines from Germany and neighbouring countries.

Since September 2021, all our products have been awarded the 'Furniture Made in Germany' seal of quality

One location, two superlatives: breadth of product range and vertical range of manufacture

What our customers appreciate about König + Neurath is the uniquely wide range of products. From multifunctional stools to fully equipped, illuminated and ventilated meeting rooms, we produce everything that is needed to furnish office buildings - in the right design and with trend-setting functions. At the same time, digitalisation helps us to realise special individual wishes in a very uncomplicated way, even in manual work. To this day, for example, the AURAY swivel chair is mainly handmade, while storage furniture or desks are produced just-in-time along production lines.

We manufacture special solutions just as routinely as a run of 1,000 pieces

Triple manufacturing competence

As early as the product development, design and construction stage, we describe our products digitally. The product data then serve as a starting point for the other company departments - purchasing, sales, marketing, production and logistics. The triad of excellently structured production, high-tech and human competence provides us with the prerequisites to produce successfully in Germany for Germany and the world.

Good, better, best - what makes our production strong

  • Excellently structured production
  • Digital production techniques
  • Human skills and know-how

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