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Our production in Karben, Germany

Impressive dimensions for production operations

On an area of around 90,000 square metres, office furniture is manufactured industrially in multiple shifts. König + Neurath has a workforce of roughly 1,000 people, with a headcount of 700 working in production alone

Kontinuierliche Optimierung von Produktionsprozessen

Wood, steel, aluminium, plastic, leather and fabrics all undergo automated processes that are partially robot-assisted6t. König + Neurath carefully invest in the latest technology. This is efficient and sustainable both in terms of the materials consumed as well as for employees. Resources are minimised. Physically demanding work is substituted by more discerning activities. We continuously work on our process improvements. Lean production Made in Germany is the quality goal. Individual machines only play a subordinate role in production nowadays. What counts is mastery of the production process and the supply chain. Thinking on an industrial scale while remaining flexible for individual wishes does not contradict itself at König + Neurath. To this day, our AURAY swivel chair for example, is made mainly by hand; storage furniture and desks are produced just in time on manufacturing lines.

König + Neurath’s already unique range of manufacture is gaining even more with today’s ubiquitous digitalisation. Products are given a digital description as early as during their development, design and engineering. The product data then serve as the starting point for other areas of the company – supply, sales, marketing, manufacture and logistics. The triad of an excellently-structured production, high-tech engineering and human expertise gives us the advantage to manufacture successfully in Germany for Germany and the world.

On request, we manufacture batches of 1, or even of 1,000 units.

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