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K+N life hacks for a healthier day at work

So why do we keep talking about health here at König + Neurath? Well, it’s an underlying theme in every area of our company and forms the basis of our furniture concepts, which are designed to encourage movement. But nowadays, with the boundaries between work and private life becoming increasingly blurred so that individual health has suddenly become an economic factor too, we’d like to do our bit and give you a few useful ideas from time to time.

Tips for the autumn: diet, routines, sports and mental balance

Right now we’re realising from the number of cases that there isn’t going to be a comfortable return to the old normality any time soon. The usual health-promoting activities in face-to-face settings (at work, at exhibitions, but also in private spaces such as the gym or clubs etc.) are being cancelled because of the need to follow hygiene concepts. Quite a few people are complaining about lack of exercise. And unlike last year there’s a new uncertainty: have I just got a cold, or…? But the good news is that we have control over our own health! Good diet, a regular fitness routine or self-care through relaxation – let’s take a look at these different ways of boosting your immune system!

How to make your working day just the way you like it

  • Getting out of bed more easily in the morning

    When the alarm goes off, you won’t always be in the best of moods. What helps here is to adopt a positive outlook on the day: “I’m open to everything the day might bring.” or “Today I’m going to face things I can’t change calmly and patiently.” The next step is to boost your circulation: Lie on your back in bed and pedal your bike. Then jump in the shower, finishing off with a refreshing cold rinse. These life hacks will help you get your day off to a better start!

  • A morning energy kick

    Our first tip isn’t just a good turn for your tummy: don’t drink coffee when you’ve just got up – the thing is, your body loses a lot of fluid during the night and the last thing it needs is the diuretic effect of caffeine. Instead try a stimulating ginger water with antibacterial properties as your first drink of the day (simmer 1/2 litre of water with two slices of organic ginger for 10 min, or pour boiling water over them and leave to stand), wait half an hour and then savour the aromatic pick-me-up.

  • A better atmosphere at the office

    The best hack to help you get through a hard day at your desk and still feel relaxed is to set aside time for a little stretch break once an hour. Alternatively visits instead of emails. Visiting your colleagues encourages movement at work, improves your relationship with others – and it might even result in the next good idea. Life hack for tired eyes: it’s important to blink frequently and drink water regularly. This encourages tears to form and prevents dry, tired eyes. The 20/20/10 rule helps too. If you’re doing screen-based work, every twenty minutes you should look at an object at least 10 metres away for twenty seconds. Or rub your hands together briskly until they feel warm and then cup them over your eyes. Slowly open them again after a minute or two.

  • The right diet for you

    Good diet is an absolute must for health and well-being. Do you work physically and like home cooking? No problem: eat lunch when you are really hungry, all the things that make you full and happy. Ideally, your lunch should contain lots of fresh vegetables, various salads, good fats and carbohydrates - and occasionally meat or fish. In the evening, you should eat a lighter diet with vegetables and vitamins.After that, don’t eat anything else or drink alcohol at least two hours before going to bed. You’ll sleep better and wake up feeling more refreshed!

  • Home time: tips to help you keep your evening relaxation within sensible limits

    We want to reward ourselves, especially after a stressful day. And we do that with high-calorie cold drinks and stodgy sweet or salty snacks. But stop right there – take an active break and your relaxation is guaranteed to be more effective! Do some exercise first to make more of a conscious shift into your evening after finishing work. You could cycle home, go for a walk with the family or do a sporting activity to banish the tension. After that, chilling out will feel much better. Another alternative is:

  • Relaxation and mental training

    Meditation promotes happiness and inner harmony. A quick meditation session after work, before you embark on your relaxing evening, makes a fantastic transition between the two. Try out a variety of styles – there are plenty of guided meditations available online. Be patient – it’s worth it! Alternatively you could try breathing exercises. Sit still, take a deep breath, hold it for a short while and breathe out slowly. Just ten minutes or so will be enough to calm your heart rate and your mind.

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