Life Hack #3

Create tidiness

At the beginning of the year, many people have the impulse to really tidy up. Traditionally, January is not only used to set new goals, but also to get rid of some of the old things that no longer fit into life. Especially now, when many families are spending a lot of time at home again, it can be helpful to create a harmonious structure on the outside so that everyone feels tidier on the inside. At the latest since the successes of tidying-up specialist Marie Kondo, we know how much external chaos causes us stress and hinders concentration on the important things. The positive effects of tidying up have been proven and confirmed by numerous studies. Isn't that a good reason to tidy up your office and home?

Why tidying up is worthwhile

  • Tidiness promotes concentration

When we are surrounded by clutter, we cannot process information properly. A well-organised daily routine or tidiness on the desk reduces the number of distracting stimuli that affect the brain.

  • Tidiness makes for a better mood

External chaos has a negative effect on the self-confidence and mood of the family members, as was also seen in Marie Kondo's series with many families. Women in particular suffer from the disorder. When everyone is more relaxed, the mood is immediately more positive and cheerful. 3.

  • It is good to get rid of ballast

We associate emotions and memories with objects. And sometimes they are not all that positive. So get rid of them! Keep only what you really need to work. Or what makes you happy.

  • Harmony improves sleep

Studies show that the quality of sleep suffers when there is disorder at home. Take advantage of the lengthening days and the energy of the approaching spring to bring order, relaxation and peace into your home! The tidying tips of Marie Kondo, who has helped millions of people to live a tidier life with the KonMari method, can help to increase your quality of life - and ensure that you get your home office tasks done more efficiently!

Desk, cupboard and drawer: How to tidy up effectively

The Japanese Marie Kondo recommends the following approach with her world-famous tidying tips:

  • Clean out according to categories

It makes more sense to clear out clothes, books, documents, odds and ends and mementos in their respective categories than by room - and to gradually get rid of things to which you have no emotional connection. Do you really need space to work now? Then look at what can be sorted out in the office (or in your work corner) from each category. And do it like this:

  • Ask yourself: do I need this to be happy?

In each category, look at each item and ask yourself if you still need it because it makes you feel positive. If it doesn't, it can go. That way, later on you will only be surrounded by things you love and really use. Everything else you can give away with a feeling of gratitude.

  • Store things properly - and regularly

If you own significantly fewer things, you can stow them away skillfully. Clothes are either hung up or folded into small rectangular packets and sorted into a chest of drawers. Small items go into boxes. Sort them by colour, which makes them easier to find and looks nicer. Everything you have used should be neatly stored away afterwards. Additional storage solutions for work utensils don't necessarily need to take up a lot of space. Our Personalbox can serve as a seat and store everything you need at your desk.

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