K+N Academy: interview with Georg Frech

Trainer and coach with passion

Good ideas under the shower and last-minute preparation. If this sounds familiar, then you already have two things in common with Georg Frech, the head of the K+N Academy. In our interview, he reveals some background information about the redesign of the König + Neurath workshop programme and what motivates him on a daily basis.

What is the K+N Academy?

The K+N Academy has evolved from our König + Neurath Academy, which has existed for over 25 years. In the new K+N Academy, we have combined our internal and external offerings and offer courses and workshops on all topics that are relevant to us as a manufacturer and to our customers as furnishers.

What is new about our offer?

Our offer follows the complete customer journey and thus supports every phase of the process - from the first joint surveys and workshops to prepare a solution approach, to the development of individually suitable and sustainable room scenarios and modules, to smooth implementation at the customer's premises.

What are the advantages of the new offer for the users?

They can use the selected learning modules to gather the knowledge they need at the moment in the shortest possible time - or which enables them to make strategic decisions. The additional know-how can definitely bring a competitive advantage, in any case it increases the joy of work.

A few words about you: Was there a time before König+ Neurath? How did you spend it?

With the early realisation that neither professional football nor being a rock musician would work out, I was left to study business administration. I deliberately spent my entire professional life in the office furniture industry - in national and international markets. Here I could and can constantly realise new challenging and instructive projects with interesting people.

How long have you been with König + Neurath and what do you like best about it?

I've been with the company again since 2011 and I'm a convinced returnee. My first exciting phase in the company was several years ago. What I like most are my great colleagues who enrich every project with a lot of passion, commitment and joy and improve the success rate.

What inspires you?

It's very different. Certainly people with an open mindset who are ready for dialogue, but also moments of contemplation - ideally in nature. And again and again I get ideas in the shower and on long car journeys (and I am aware that neither of these processes is necessarily sustainable).

How do you prepare for lectures?

After the goal and the rough structure are set, I usually take my time until shortly before. Because I often experience further good ideas being integrated right up to the last moment. And spontaneity is always important to me. Unfortunately, that sometimes makes it a bit more complicated for other people involved or involved in the project.

How do you inspire people?

I believe that three factors are important and purposeful in dealing with other people: Empathy, authenticity and humility. Stop: Four, because humour is also helpful.

What does a good trainer need and who are your role models?

In my opinion, the skills mentioned above - and a lot of joy in meeting people. My role models are definitely my parents, because they gave me stability and values. And from a distance, Mark Twain, because he looked at the world with love, intelligence and far-sighted acumen. And of course Joey Ramone and Günter Netzer ...

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