Keep your distance

Managing during the Covid-19 times

These tips might help!

How much distance can your own health cope with?

There really is such a thing as positive news in corona times: along with lower noise levels and cleaner air due to less traffic, society is becoming more cohesive – people are looking after each other more. However, most of us are longing for the lockdown to be eased further, and social distancing to end. Many personal and economic consequences from the isolation period won’t manifest for weeks or months. So it’s all the more important to address the stress and frustration on a daily basis even now – we’re all probably suffering occasionally during this phase of restricted contact.

Movement, relaxation, good routines

The most important thing, both for children and for us as adults as well, is regular exercise and sports. This is a particularly efficient way of relieving stress, and improving how you feel physically. 30 minutes of activity at least five times a week is a good target. Incidentally, going for a walk is enough to achieve this. More intensive, moderate exercise also makes sleep more restful. Another way of balancing the nervous system is deliberate relaxation phases. There are various different meditation guides and mindfulness sessions available on the internet. Many studies confirm the unrivalled effectiveness of meditation with regard to reducing stress hormones and heart/breathing rates, as well as increasing the stability of the nervous system and improving brain performance.

3 tips for everyday health

  • enough movement and sports
  • deliberate relaxation phases and meditation
  • healthy routines

Another thing many successful people have in common is a healthy routine. This encompasses a regular sleep rhythm, regular balanced meals and a mindful start to the day. Consciously maintaining good relationships with your nearest and dearest – face-to-face by eating and playing together or via social media – is also important to keep you going in these times – but also a media-free time in the evening so you can really switch off.

Getting close to someone far away, can you do that?

Now that we’re getting close to other people from a distance, the power of words has become even more important. Starting with a little self-observation: am I giving the other person my full attention? What questions can I ask that go beyond small talk and show that I’m interested in them? How can I demonstrate openness with my body language? Can I find common elements as we talk?

As the contact restrictions are being lifted step by step and we’re starting to spend time with colleagues more frequently again, it’s a great opportunity to practise these skills. Even from a couple of metres away or through a pane of glass offering hygienic protection!


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