Explore your own work culture!

How an analysis and consultancy tool can change your company’s way of working

How happy are your employees? And how happy are you with your company’s creative and financial output? If there’s any scope for improvement, the potential might be found in your company’s work culture. We’re not trying to tell you that it needs optimising – we just mean that your specific work culture could reflect your employees’ potential and your company orientation more closely, as well as helping you to achieve your goals even more effectively. We’d be delighted to support you in this respect.

Individual work culture as the key to success

Every company is characterised by its own specific work culture. König + Neurath has developed an analysis tool to find out the qualities of this individual culture: with the help of the K+N WORK.CULTURE.MAP you can discover your company’s status quo across seven dimensions – technology, management style, employee structure, work-life, creativity, performance and agility. On the basis of the information gathered, we visualise your work culture and transform the results into inspiration for designing your working environments. With deeper analysis and workshops we can then collaborate with you to develop visions and creative ideas together.

Is it possible to translate individual work cultures into spatial experiences?

K+N WORK.CULTURE.MAP shows you how: the analysis tool visualises the current state alongside the target. The results form the basis for custom-designed working environments. Furthermore they offer detailed orientation and inspiration for corporate developments.

Die sieben Dimension des Analysetools und ihre Ausprägungen.

An attractive working environment increases employee satisfaction and functions as an important employer branding tool

Our consultancy approach is based on a fact that’s incidentally proven in numerous studies – that the building and office layout are factors that significantly influence people’s motivation and output. If the office space is closely tailored to needs and expectations, people can work far more successfully there. And that’s an economic factor that shouldn’t be underestimated. According to studies, a good level of employee satisfaction can boost a company’s profits by up to 3 per cent. Furthermore, co-working provider Mindspace conducted a survey that found almost one in seven German employees and one in five millennials had turned down a potential new job in the past because of unattractive office premises or outfitting. Particularly in the current phase, in which the economy is starting to gather momentum again after lockdown, it might be a smart idea to come up with a vision and reprogram your company with a realignment destined for success.

K+N WORK.CULTURE.MAP wins the German Brand Award

We are delighted that our branding strategy and the new consultancy approach has found favour with independent experts: our identity as Work Culture Explorer, a company that offers appropriate style collections to facilitate workplace redesign, backed up with a comprehensive support process throughout. The German Brand Award jury justified their decision with these words:

The K+N WORK.CULTURE.MAP. helps to define a company’s work culture, making it possible to recommend an office furniture solution that’s specially tailored to situation-specific requirements. A new digital tool that’s probably unique in the market, which allows König + Neurath to stand out as a single-source supplier and process facilitator, and has a significant influence on the process of becoming an everyday customer-focused brand. (German Brand Award jury in June 2020 on the GOLD award for K+N WORK.CULTURE.MAP in the category Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation)

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