K+N LIVE Event Review

Infectious enthusiasm

Purpose, Culture and Change - our convention a complete success

König + Neurath's recipe for success is not only the versatile product portfolio, the extraordinary depth of the product range and the quality location in Germany - what makes König + Neurath one of the top addresses for office furniture and room systems is the strategic positioning as discoverer of individual work cultures and designer of the appropriate working environments.

At our convention on 11 and 12 May 2023, we discussed with experts, partners, office furnishers and interior design professionals how to find and retain talent now and in the future, what role the topic of (mental) health plays here and how the whole thing fits into the big topic of sustainability. The guests were also able to get to know our campus, our production and take a look at new product concepts. They took away inspiration and impulses for the design and furnishing of NEW WORK working environments, always taking into account the megatrends that are currently moving us.

Impressions K+N LIVE

Experience our convention. Two fascinating days with inspiring panel talks, workshops, fresh impulses, exciting insights and 100% networking. The focus was on the megatrends to successfully align organisations for the future.

Paneltalk 1: Future Skills: Resilience, Communication, Appreciation

with Joey Kelly, Vanessa Lazlo and Sabine Hübner, Moderation: Carina Hölzer

The extreme athlete motivated numerous visitors with his credo "No Limits" and, in conversation with our planner Carina Hölzer, impressively explained why it is worth overcoming the mental limits set in the marathon of one's own life. Vanessa Lazlo, coach and expert for communication, resilience and motivation, pleaded for being sincere and authentic as value-oriented beings and thus fully relying on the unique selling proposition "human being", while service expert Sabine Hübner made clear how service as an attitude can also be a leadership and motivation tool.

Paneltalk 2: Sustainability

with Simon Wehr, Ruth Prinzmeier and Nora-Sophie Griefahn, moderated by Johannes Brennig.

Our sustainability expert discussed with his guests measures with which companies can become authentically more sustainable - so that social and ecological change in politics, society and business succeeds. Simon Wehr explained how greenwashing can be recognised and avoided, while Nora-Sophie Griefahn gave insights into the work of her organisation to promote the circular economy. Ruth Prinzmeier used the example of Interface to show how the goal of climate neutrality can already be achieved today and how it is even possible to strive for climate negativity.

Paneltalk 3: Employer attractiveness and work-life blending

with Klaas Heufer-Umlauf and Nora Dietrich, moderated by Luisa Radig and Kevin Müller.

The youngest hosts from the König + Neurath team, Luisa Radig (human resources) and Kevin Müller (digital marketing), as representatives of Generation Z, spoke with entrepreneur and media professional Klaas Heufer-Umlauf and mental health expert Nora Dietrich about the war for talent and the current challenges of work-life blending. Klaas Heufer-Umlauf told how he deals with the issues of work and leisure and how he motivates and retains his team in the long term. Nora Dietrich shared her knowledge and experiences about the challenges of blending work and private life and pleaded for an open and conscious approach to the topic of mental health and job overload. An exciting topic that will also accompany us in the future.

Paneltalk 4: Health and Wellbeing in Biophilic Design

with Michaela Reitterer and Katja Heinrich, Moderation: Carina Hölzer

On the second day, our interior designer Carina Hölzer made the connection between sustainable spatial concepts and health with two experts. Michaela Reitterer impressively told us about the challenges she had to overcome in order to equip her Viennese hotel according to all seventeen UN sustainability standards. Katja Heinrich is pushing the issue of biophilic design, i.e. nature-focused interior design at our network partner Interface. Together they discussed how sustainable, natural design options can be transferred to offices and what positive effect this has on the health of employees.

Interview with Ole Plogstedt on healthy eating

Ole Plogstedt is a chef and founder of the catering company "Rote Gourmet Fraktion", with which he has been working for well-known bands for more than 30 years. He showed how the eating habits of stars are changing and how all people have an influence on cultivation methods and environmental aspects through conscious eating behaviour. For him, sustainable nutrition is a contribution to a better and healthier world.

Keynote Speech by Deniz Aytekin

The internationally renowned DFB referee of the year 2022 and entrepreneur Deniz Aytekin showed in his entertaining presentation with many practical examples how organizations can be inspired by sports. In his keynote speech on the topic of "Leadership with respect", he pleaded for an open culture of error and the promotion of "psychological safety".

I am still on clouds! What a great day and impressive hospitality from you!

Nora Dietrich

So many goosebump moments. So huge praise for the choice of speakers.

Jacqueline Kloster, BASF

For me it was special to see how a successful family business deals with partners and customers. I am simply impressed.

Joey Kelly

I have seen the competence with which you create relational spaces.

Vanessa Lazlso

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