K+N Life-Hack #2

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Today: Desk organisation

People are getting increasingly nostalgic for the good old-fashioned day at the office – something that’s become a rarity this year. In this series of life hacks we’re taking a look at a variety of themes that can make work more pleasant, efficient and sustainable to help ease the return to a new normality. Today we bring you: desk organisation in corona times.

Clean Desk or creative chaos?

There really do seem to be different types of people – some prefer a cheerfully messy desk while others take inspiration from a creative stacking system, and then there are those who only tolerate a total void. Studies confirm that there’s a close correlation with personality. Admittedly absolute cleanliness is the order of the day whilst we’re so focused on health. The thing is, I can only keep my desk clean if it’s tidy. So, sorry to everyone who needs creative chaos: islands of inspiration consisting of photos, scraps of paper or personal souvenirs that can be removed quickly are okay. Anything else is not. What do you need to help you feel good? Could it be enough to have a memento of your loved ones at home, a favourite pen or an inspiring notebook?

Other ideas that promote well-being

Feeling comfortable at your desk is important for your productivity. This might include having personal items – but also a set-up that’s appropriate to your needs: options to allow privacy, minimise noise, provide storage and give you enough space. Another key factor is a good relationship with colleagues. Interact with them and focus on fun. For instance you could start a piggy bank into which a small sum is paid whenever a certain word is said or complicated customers demand a high level of diplomatic skill on the phone yet again. Later on you can invest the money you earn in an activity together, such as dining out or an evening at the movies after corona. If you’re working in staggered “shifts” at the moment to ensure even distribution of employees, you can leave each other messages, motivational ideas or daily wisdom quotes on a shared noticeboard.

Hygiene tips for the desk

There are often more germs and viruses lurking on our desks than in the places we generally expect them. That’s why it’s important to clean and disinfect the keyboard and mouse every day (ideally several times). Eating at your desk should be a no-no. And if you do: be certain to wash and disinfect your hands before using the keyboard again. You should also wipe and disinfect the phone, especially if you share it. The best way to store food is in airtight containers. If you use a handbag, backpack or laptop bag, be sure you remember to wash it regularly or wipe it with a damp cloth and disinfect it. In the warm, humid climate provided by your bag, some things could flourish that you wouldn’t particularly welcome there. If you put your bag down on public transport, then dust, dirt and bacteria will accumulate on the outside as well.

Stay clean at work: we use desktops with antibacterial properties

The material we use for most of our desking and storage solutions is antibacterial. The melamine-faced finishes comply with ISO 22196 to offer maximum antibacterial properties so there’s no need for any additional substances.

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