K+N Life-Hack #2

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Today: Desk organisation

People's longing for the well-known and this year rare office routine is becoming ever greater. In order to make the return to a new normality possible, we are devoting a series of life hacks to all kinds of topics that make working more beautiful, more efficient and more sustainable. Today for you: Desk organisation in times of Corona.

Clean Desk or creative chaos?

It really seems to be a matter of type whether a cheerful chaos at the workplace inspires us, inspires creative piling up, or whether we just have to put up with complete emptiness. Studies confirm a clear reference to personality.However, the order of the day is absolute cleanliness, as long as we are concerned with health protection. I can only keep a tidy desk clean. Sorry to all those who need the creative chaos: quickly removable islands of inspiration consisting of photos, notes or personal souvenirs are okay. Nothing else. What do you need to feel good? Is a small reminder of your loved ones at home, your favourite pen or an inspiring notebook perhaps enough?

Other ideas that promote well-being

The fact that you feel comfortable at your workplace is important for your productivity. This includes personal belongings, but also equipment that suits you: options for screening, quiet, storage space and enough room. A good relationship with your colleagues is also of central importance. Exchange ideas and put your money on fun. For example, set up a piggy bank into which a small amount of money is deposited when a certain word is spoken or complicated customers once again demand the highest diplomatic skills from you on the phone. Later, you can invest the "earned" money in a common activity such as going out for dinner or an evening at the cinema in the post-Corona period. If you are currently working in staggered "shifts" in order to equalise occupancy, you could leave messages, motivational impulses or current daytime wisdom to each other on a central board.

Hygiene notes for the desk

More germs and viruses often lurk at the desk than where one would generally expect them to be. It is therefore important to clean and disinfect your keyboard and mouse every day (preferably several times a day). Food at the table should be taboo. And if you do: Make sure you wash and disinfect your hands before you reactivate the keyboard. You should also wipe and disinfect the telephone accordingly, especially if you share it. Food is best kept in airtight tins. If you use your handbag, rucksack or laptop bag, make sure you wash or damp wipe and disinfect them again and again. In the warm and humid climate of the bag, many things thrive that are not particularly welcome here. If you leave your bag on public transport, dust, dirt and bacteria will also gather on the outside.

Work cleanly: We use table tops with antibacterial properties

The material we use for most of our tables and storage solutions is antibacterial. The melamine resin surfaces have maximum antibacterial properties according to ISO 22196 and do not require any additives.

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