Jobs with persepktive

Jobs with perspektive

The past few months have shown us that our society and the world of work can change at lightning speed. Professions that had not received much attention before became "systemically relevant" - while others that had always been considered crisis-proof were suddenly no longer in as much demand as before. For many of us today, the question is "How do I want to work for the next few years?" or even "What do I want to work?"

Here it is first and foremost useful to know one's own talents and desires. But also to pay attention to how the professional world is changing. What influence does digitalisation have? And what will someone like you always be needed for? We took a look around and collected some ideas.

The future is digital, isn't it?

Jobs that require technical know-how will become much more important, they say. This can mean, for example, mastering data analysis in all its forms or turning others into buyers and followers with ever new social media ideas. Speaking of which, social and emotional competence is also expected to become increasingly important in the job market of the future. What does that mean in concrete terms?

The career network Linkedin conducted several surveys among its members and came to the conclusion: although many new jobs are being created in the technical field, activities in which personal contact - or creative thinking and quick adaptation - play an important role will continue to be booming in the future. The more jobs are taken over by machines, the more work flows into what brings personal or social added value.

Something with ... technology, creativity, people, crafts? Good idea!

Derived from the surveys, we present our top ten jobs with a future and our König + Neurath favourites.

Jobs with prospects

  • AI specialists

  • other technical specialist jobs such as: Site Reliability Engineer (ensure stable websites and apps), Customer Success Specialist (customer support and acquisition), Data Consultant, Data Engineer, etc.

  • VR designers (design virtual worlds)

  • Data Protection Officer

  • Human Resources Partners

  • Educators and teachers

  • Craftsmen and craftswomen

  • Doctors, people caring for the elderly and the sick

König + Neurath also offers jobs with a future, such as mechanics or mechatronics technicians.

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