Interior concepts in Classic Blue



"The new Pantone Color of the Year PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue is the perfect complement to our TIMELESS and VISION style collections." Planner Carina Hölzer can picture it in lounge areas with comfy furniture for chilling out. It makes an ideal counterpart to stone, sand and peach shades. Its versatile potential predestines it for applications in a calm, relaxed scenario, creating an impression that's both elegant and grounded, the expert reckons. Yet at the same time it works just as well in an environment that uses transparent surfaces and broad perspectives to channel visionary impulses from the global cities. In this context it can be combined with metallic colours and shimmering pastel shades.

Sample layout based on the TIMELESS

Timeless elegance in muted blue

"Here, the Classic Blue colour has been homogeneously integrated into the Timeless style collection, which is characterised by its clear-cut lines and premium-quality detail. The Classic Blue shade represents consistency and safety. The rich hue conveys an understated elegance and a consistent appreciation of values. In combination with homely wood shades and warm colour hues, the overall impression is one of subdued nobility and timeless grace. In this atmosphere it's easy to relax while you wait - or focus on a dialogue," says Carina Hölzer.

For me, PANTONE Classic Blue 19-4052 evokes associations with the endless expanse of the evening sky

Carina Hölzer

Visionary space concepts with deep blue and metallic elements

"For me, PANTONE Classic Blue 19-4052 evokes associations with the endless expanse of the evening sky, creating an elegant backdrop for shades with a sophisticated sparkle, just like glittering stars in the desert twilight," - that's how Carina Hölzer describes the impression made on her by this trend colour. "In the Vision style collection, the Classic Blue colour creates an illusion of space. The synergy of dark hues with metallic details highlights these sparkling elements even more as they have less depth, giving them an iridescent appearance. If the spatial effect is enhanced further with innovative technologies, this creates an inspiring environment for dynamic meetings."

Sample layout based on the VISION style collections

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