Infection prevention in the workplace

Don't catch a cold !

General mandatory rules governing infection prevention

Of course the usual hygiene rules apply – including maintaining sufficient distance, coughing and sneezing etiquette, good hand hygiene, frequent ventilation, wearing a face covering, and regular disinfection of surfaces. The design of open space offices can offer additional help, but also pose a challenge that shouldn’t be underestimated: in order to practise distancing, office spaces need new concepts that take current requirements into account.

Distancing at your desk

  • In Germany, desks have to be 80 cm deep – it’s specified in the Workplace Ordinance. So if two desks face each other, a protective screen needs to be installed between them.

  • Sit-stand workstations that face each other each require a separate screen, which moves up and down with the desk when the height is changed.

  • Standard workstations have a width of at least 1.60 metres. To ensure that a safe distance can be maintained here too, desks must either be placed further apart or additional screens must be installed.

  • Side screens shielding adjacent walkways need to be high enough to protect people at standing height. If there are partitions already in place, they can be extended to the appropriate height using glass or plastic panels such as our hygiene screens.

Sounds like a lot of effort? Well, it is. But – we can help you. We support you with individual planning and tailored solutions so that you can create a working environment that’s as safe as possible for your employees.

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