ICONIC Award 2022

Winner awards for TALO.YOU and K+N NOOK

We’re delighted to have received two new awards

The changing workplace brings challenges for office outfitters and planners. Not only has the workforce become more diverse, incorporating a wider age range – the requirements are different as well: the workplace needs to be more agile, flexible and sustainable. And of course the furniture too!  

If you think back to offices a few years ago – they were generally strictly divided into individual offices, conference rooms and breakrooms. Nowadays the boundaries are more fluid – in some cases non-existent. The fashion is for open space office concepts, which often have flexibly used or shared workstations. We’re a driving force in this change process. The thing is, our customers want to be ready to react to new situations instantly – especially in view of the changes we’ve seen in the past few months.

ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative Interior honour the latest product developments

Our new furniture innovations are already popular because of their outstanding flexibility, which in turn ensures their sustainability: the TALO.YOU table system is designed for a wide variety of uses and scenarios and can be easily converted. The same applies to the K+N NOOK conference and visitor chair, which for instance is equally suitable as either a desk chair for temporary workstations and home offices, or a visitor chair for seminar rooms.

These are reasons why both of these innovative products were deserving of the title ICONIC AWARDS Winner 2022, a distinction conferred by the prestigious German Design Council. The award is given to relevant contemporary developments and special creative achievements.

Awards as a benchmark for new trends in interior design 

Many people refer to the ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative Interior as a barometer for new trends and the best ideas of the interior design industry, and that’s why we’re so proud of the awards. The two products have now received the German Design Council award for the third and second time respectively. This serves as confirmation of our work. And proof that we can meet the expectations of our target audience with top-quality sustainable solutions.

Most recent awards for TALO.YOU

  • German Innovation Award 2021 Special Mention
  • Plus X Award 2021 in 5 caterogies
  • German Design Award Winner 2022
  • ICONIC AWARD: Innovative Interior 2022 Winner

Most recent awards for K+N NOOK

  • Plus X Award 2021 in 4 categories
  • German Design Award Winner 2022
  • ICONIC AWARD: Innovative Interior 2022 Winner

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