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How would you like to work?

When we embark on a customer project at König + Neurath, our first step is to ask what kind of work culture they have. Our aim is to bring individual corporate and working cultures to life with our tailored furnishing solutions. Not only that: we also collaborate with partners and customers to help them initiate change in their own work culture and support them through this process. Together we can create an environment in which employees enjoy working and – hopefully – are able to achieve maximum potential!

Now Covid-19 has accelerated the rate at which the workplace is moving more towards individuality and remote business. Far more people are working from home than we could have imagined even in the winter. And of course the question everyone’s asking here is: does my workstation tick all the boxes in terms of my preferences, needs and personal style? Is there a desk and office chair, and if so, are they comfortable and do they allow ergonomic adjustment?

Home office outfitting that fulfils two crucial criteria

Our response to a collective reorientation of work culture in our country is a range that has now been reoriented to meet the needs of home workers. With these products we’d like to inspire quality-conscious individuals to design their workstation at home so that it goes with their home décor – and at the same time meets all requirements with regard to comfort, health, technology and design. The furniture is drawn from our established ranges, based on the different approaches of our style collections, which makes it easy to adapt it to your personal style. Modular and aesthetically consistent, with added functional value!

What kind of home office would fit into your life and living culture?

We joined forces with our designer partners and incorporated research findings to develop four style collections that reflect current megatrends and make important future-oriented style statements. Not only do they channel a company’s work culture into a single form, they can also support the expression of your highly personal life and living culture. Take inspiration from our four style collections and have a look to see which feels more like home to you. It could be the basis for your future office made by König + Neurath.

PURE style collection: In harmony with the essentials

Do you like to concentrate on the essentials? Does an analytical coolness characterised by calm, transparency and functionality appeal to you? Thanks to its powerful geometric shapes and linear structures, our PURE style collection offers orientation and clarity. Its monolithic elements, angular shapes and minimalist use of colour go really well in a purist home.

FLOW style collection: Keeping the ideas flowing

Wood, organic forms and colours, warm materials. Our FLOW style collection creates a harmonious, friendly feel that’s derived from the diversity of nature. If you feel most comfortable when you’re outside, like to surround yourself with plants, and enjoy an environment with a playful feel and interesting textures, our FLOW style collection might well be just the thing for you.

TIMELESS style collection: Enduring values in a changing world

Timeless elegance, classic design and premium details that reflect the product’s quality. Is this where your priorities lie on a day-to-day basis? Then you might feel at home with our TIMELESS style collection. Its design is based on traditional flagship elements that are just as effective today. The functional aesthetics of the Bauhaus style, concrete, steel, dark wood and clear colours characterise the TIMELESS look.

VISION style collection: Focusing on a vision to change the world

Have you always been inspired by visionary ideas? Do you have a soft spot for the latest technology? The dynamic forms, asymmetric lines and incorporation of innovative gadgets in our VISION style collection appeals to pioneers who are ahead of their time. Maybe that includes you!

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