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Important themes and tips regarding all aspects of healthy office design

We're especially aware of it again at the moment: physical comfort is a valuable commodity. We can only exploit our full potential if we are healthy and feel good. That means we perform optimally, it's easy to concentrate, and moods are balanced. The World Health Organisation WHO defines health as a state of physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease.

Body, mind and soul in balance – in the office too

In the current phase of global insecurity, the huge economic significance of health as an influence factor is becoming clear as well. For employers this is about more than just their own duty of care, it means adopting a sustainable approach to colleagues' potential, with the goal of adding value.

If we use the K+N WORK.CULTURE.MAP. to explore our customers' individual work culture, we can identify the company's position with regard to the factors of agility, management style, creativity or work-life model. Another thing that our analysis also takes into account is the health aspect of the working environment..

  • How ergonomically is your office designed?
  • What about room climate, acoustics and lighting?
  • Do you use a software package to support your team's health as well?
  • Does the working environment allow for basic needs such as movement, relaxation, concentration and quiet time?

We offer a range of ideas and solutions for all themes and challenges. For example, click here to find out how we address the subject of acoustics. Another factor is movement. König + Neurath offers an extensive portfolio of sit-stand workstations, conference systems with motorised height adjustment or office swivel chairs to support physical activity.

Movement works miracles

It's not a new idea: here in Germany we spend too much time sitting. Office workers who commute to work by car walk an average of around 2000 to 3000 steps a day. That's quite a few shy of the 10 000 steps we often hear recommended to improve our health. But while we're at work we can help our bodies stay in good shape by regularly changing position, or standing up for meetings and phone calls.

Changing position activates the muscles, boosts metabolism, and improves oxygen saturation for the whole body. You'll feel fitter, more alert, motivated and efficient – and in the long term this can generally reduce work absences! So it's worthwhile for companies to invest in healthy office environments that accommodate a variety of working styles. Find out more about our sit-stand workstations and the matching ergonomic swivel chairs for dynamic sitting.

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