Happiness hacks for everyday work

Happiness hacks for everyday work

News from our cooperation with the Ministry of Happiness

A positive change of values in society, politics and economy. The Ministry for Happiness and Wellbeing around the self-proclaimed Minister for Happiness, Gina Schöler, has set itself no less goals. With a dedicated team of experts, it provides ideas and impulses for the most diverse areas of life with one goal in mind: to bring more happiness, well-being and satisfaction into life. Also in working life!

Minister for Happiness, Gina Schöler

Tricks for more happiness and satisfaction at work

We have been cooperating with the Ministry of Happiness for a while now, which gives us a regular exchange that is inspiring for both sides. In this way, we learn as a company and use the ministry's impulses for happiness for our entire organisation. On the other hand, we repeatedly provide the happiness experts with very personal and practical insights into the connection between the right office equipment and motivated and satisfied work.

Our interior designer Carina Hölzer as a guest on Glückspodcast

In May, our colleague Carina Hölzer was invited by Gina Schöler to share her know-how on creating a positive workplace. Why not treat yourself to a little time out, listen to the podcast and get inspired! Don't have time right now but still want to get some happiness hacks? Here are our two quick tips for a more mindful day at work!

Interior Designerin Carina Hölzer

In the morning: Check-in with myself

A good routine ensures a relaxed start to the day. The happiness expert recommends starting the morning with something that brings joy: What new habits help you feel more balanced? An ice-cold shower? A short meditation?

In the office, too, morning rituals are a sensible thing to do in order to arrive well at the workplace and get into the tasks. It is helpful to take stock, breathe deeply and set an intention for the day, says the expert. A short exchange with colleagues or a quick virtual warm-up can also create a closer connection with each other, according to our interior designer Carina Hölzer - even if you work in a home office.

In between: take a proper break

To get out of the doer mode, breaks are important. Because, according to the happiness expert, we can't power through eight hours. Even a micro-break ensures that you can recharge your batteries and be more mindful of your own body and thoughts. It is worthwhile to alternate active breaks (getting up, walking around, visiting colleagues) with relaxed breaks (letting your gaze wander, having a big drink, eating something in peace, preferably in a place that is not your desk). The happiness minister is certain that small changes can reliably give energy. She says that it is enough to put flowers on the desk to sniff and look at, or to send a funny card to colleagues.

Our König + Neurath expert sees the current change in work culture as an opportunity: with the redesign of offices, dynamic working in sitting and standing positions and the diversity of the space on offer, a new freedom in organising breaks is also emerging. She believes that an agile, varied and more eventful office allows for very different breaks. How do you organise them? Here she invites you to try it out for yourself.

More Happiness Hacks? Just listen to the podcast!

The Happiness Podcast provides more ways to make your working day a little healthier and happier, simply in convenient audio format. Here Gina Schöler reveals her "Stop stress" tip and other tricks.

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