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König + Neurath cooperates with Gina Schöler

At our event in November "Ideas for a new now" Gina Schöler was one of our keynote speakers. She showed us so beautifully and inspiringly how work and happiness belong together that we have stayed in touch with her ever since. (You can watch her talk here again.) And this contact has now led to a joint cooperation.

Who is Gina Schöler?

Gina Schöler is a trainer, minister of happiness and inventor of the Ministry of Happiness and Wellbeing. She writes books and columns, organises events, speaks at international conferences and was a contributor to the government strategy "Living Well in Germany". A doer and bundle of energy with her home in Mannheim, she invented her own profession, that of the Minister of Happiness, and now lets people share her expertise from happiness research and positive psychology. 

This is what our cooperation looks like

The first step of our joint journey was a workshop organised by a König + Neurath team with the Happiness Ministry team. With our WORK.CULTURE.MAP, we analysed the working culture of the small team and provided recommendations for a suitable working environment. The next step is the implementation. At the same time, Gina provides us with important impulses around the topic of work culture - and how we can give happiness and satisfaction even more room at König + Neurath.

What is the Ministry of Happiness and Wellbeing?

The nationwide initiative and multimedia campaign raises awareness of the topic of happiness in a very creative way and aims to motivate people to participate. The actions and offers (lectures, workshops and more) around contentment, positive psychology and life design provide inspiration for everyone ... and all areas of life.

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