Good Intentions

Turning good intentions into habits

We already discussed the fresh start effect in our last post, which is fitting for the beginning of the year. Today we would like to take another look at the topic of "good resolutions". The good thing about good resolutions is that they point us in a direction in which we want to develop. The bad thing about them is that we often don't manage to stick to them permanently. The problem is that there are too many of them. Or they are too complicated.

Just turn a good resolution into reality. Can't do it because you have ten? Then make a priority list of your new habits. Ideally, keep the first resolution and dedicate yourself to just that new habit for a month. And then another month.

In times of pandemic, for example, this could be to increase your fitness and go jogging regularly. The goal for the first week would then be realistically and feasibly set to jog a total of one hour. Start small and increase or vary the training time. Maybe in the second month you add another new habit because you have already established the first one? And in the third, another one!

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