Desire for homlike working

Desire for homelike working

This is how offices become homelike

Deep work in the home office, social interaction in the office. Hybrid working has become established for most employees. König + Neurath is continuously developing new solutions to make both work scenarios even more functional, healthy and attractive.

Office as an experience

After the majority of those who work in an office have experienced the advantages (and challenges!) of working in a home office over the last three years, the priorities of many have shifted. Working from home saves Germans an average of 65 minutes of commuting time per working day, which they can turn into free time. And they enjoy conveniences that their office job could not offer them before. Instead, when they go to work now, they consciously enjoy the experience of the office as a social place. "Today, the office has to be an experience," states Thomas Fromm in the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

Today, the office has to be an experience

Thomas Fromm in the Süddeutsche Zeitung

Bringing the comfort of home office or workation into the office

Spaces in which people meet, which invite exchange and where joint projects are advanced, look different from the offices of the nineties. "Spaces are changing," says Cornelius Müller-Schellhorn, outlining one of the long-term trends in the furnishing industry. "They are used multifunctionally - at home, but also in the office. That's why we design changeable offices with multifunctional furniture that increasingly resembles the home in terms of function and appearance - with pleasant acoustics, harmonious design, comfort and convenience as well as a high-quality feel." Because, according to the designer, the comfort that workers enjoy in their four walls - or even when working, i.e. at holiday locations - is something they naturally no longer want to do without. "This trend towards work-life blending has further driven the home office," says the expert.

Homely in the office? An example.

So the product philosophy for almost every new development at König + Neurath also follows the changes in offices. "The new additional elements from our ACTA.PLUS range have been designed in such a way that we no longer come from the idea of 'the shelf stands against the wall and is used as storage space', but from open space with a non-territorial way of working. Here, the shelves serve as a screen, separating different work areas from each other. With their combination of wood, melamine and tubular steel, they have a special, if you will: homely aesthetic." This is also what Jürgen Fett, who is responsible for product management at König + Neurath, says. Thanks to the tool-free assembly with plug-in connections, the ACTA.PLUS elements also pay tribute to the idea of multi-functionality and flexibility of office worlds.

With their combination of wood, melamine and tubular steel, the new ACTA.PLUS elements have a homely aesthetic

Jürgen Fett, product management König + Neurath

Functionality in the home office with our second new development

There are still too many employees who work at the dining table at home due to lack of space. This brings the family together, but can also cause visual and acoustic unrest. It is better to have a separate workstation that can be adjusted in height. In combination with an ergonomic desk chair, this definitely makes the job at home more flexible and healthier. Our team of developers has provided our TALO.YOU table system with a smaller, equally versatile version. The column table TALO.YOU One can be used in niches and can even be folded up and stored away in the evening.

A space-saving desk like TALO.YOU One is just as suitable a solution for the home office as it is for agile working situations in the office.

Cornelius Müller-Schellhorn, Product design

4 long-term trends in the furnishing sector

Product development at König + Neurath follows the major trends that are permanently changing our working world. In the König + Neurath family, various disciplines intertwine in order to jointly incorporate these trends into the design of the products. In addition to the homeliness of offices, the interdisciplinary team is currently focusing on the adjacent long-term trends in the development of office furniture and room systems.

We are proud that we can not only call a future-oriented production facility our own, but can also react flexibly to new requirements with a large product portfolio and short decision-making paths. After all, this is precisely what secures us an important place among office furniture manufacturers in the long term, in addition to our large, motivated König + Neurath family: our breadth of product range, depth of product range and excellence in craftsmanship.

  • sustainability and circularity
  • flexibility
  • homeliness and work-life blending
  • customisability

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