Design Thinking

Reimagining creative spaces

It might be software development in India or innovative digital processes in Canada – agile working methods are now used all over the world. They improve collaborative work in companies, promote more creative ideas and speed up processes overall.

The benefits of agile working methods

  • efficient project planning
  • planning processes more efficiently
  • avoiding errors
  • faster, more creative outcomes
  • motivating employees
  • securing a competitive advantage

Regardless of whether you prefer agile meetings and workshop practices like bar camp, the fishbowl method or World Café – it’s vital that the space supports dialogue, idea generation and a variety of settings: so that it’s possible to switch between groups rapidly, seating can easily be rearranged, and there’s plenty of room in which the ideas can be visualised.

Outfitting that supports agile working

  • seating islands
  • lounge furniture
  • large, flexible desks
  • Whiteboards
  • attractive partitions
  • coffee bars
  • smaller quiet spaces
  • stand-up tables and bars
  • platforms and podiums
  • multifunctional tools such as mobile wooden boxes
  • stools

The arrangement of furniture and a collaborative room design can actively support responsible working and value creation. This ensures that interior design directly influences working relationships and corporate culture. And above all: It allows employees to feel comfortable and unlock their full potential.

What science says

The Extended Mind Theory says that thinking happens not in the head but in systems. This might include outside the body. The environment is involved. Take Scrabble as an example: Players shuffle letter tiles back and forth to come up with new words. The brain, eyes, hands and Scrabble tiles form a system.

Expert opinion

Open spaces designed to inspire open up not just visual perspectives but also the mind. They support communication, encourage involvement and make a crucial impact. This promotes creativity. 

Not only can company managers optimise work processes by implementing new methods: they can also create “thinking spaces” by providing suitably designed facilities.

Georg Frech, head of the K+N Academy

Key Messages

  • Agile working makes teams more efficient and companies more successful
  • Spaces, furniture and outfitting influence thinking potential
  • König + Neurath provides furniture and ideas for agile working

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