Characteristics of the TIMELESS style collection

Enduring values in a changing world.

Timeless furnishing concepts in our TIMELESS style collection

The working environment has an important outward effect, which makes it a key aspect of employer branding. At the same time it also influences the daily experiences of the employees. Working in a place that meets individual value expectations and aesthetic perceptions increases their identification with the company. The style collections from König + Neurath can be used to translate your work culture into a spatial experience. Our four style collections VISION, PURE, TIMELESS and FLOW provide creative orientation, with specific points of reference for your planning and outfitting project.

The origins of TIMELESS: classics with a modern twist

Our style collections originated in a multi-step process with trend observation and market analysis at its genesis. On the basis of these findings our experts visualised design trends and made them into tangible objects expressed within an aesthetic matrix. At the end of the definition process, our four style collections were created – the consolidation of current and future developments in architecture, lifestyle and colour psychology. They constitute design trends that will withstand the passage of time and describe the fundamental principles of form, materials, finishes and colour for us as well as our customers.

In this context TIMELESS links the past with the future, with its timeless, classic design and quality details. TIMELESS creates spaces in which ideas of substance can be developed. A style that offers an oasis of calm in times of change.

Our style collections influence product development, as well as the planning and design of workspaces.

Carina Hölzer, interior architect at König + Neurath

The TIMELESS style collection: a fusion of traditional and modern

  • represents timeless elegance
  • traditional yet modern
  • re-interprets design classics
  • highlights designs that will be popular with an international audience
  • an embodiment of conservative appeal
  • features traditional elements that have stood the test of time
  • provides security in a rapidly changing workplace
  • ensures good organisation and clear structure
  • gives an authentic, sincere impression

Our interior designer Carina Hölzer characterises the TIMELESS style collection in her own words: “If I had to identify this style on a matrix ranging from traditional to visionary, I’d say it tends to cover the classics, relying on proven quality. On a scale that goes from luxurious and extravagant to reduced and purist, the TIMELESS outfitting concepts would be considered more minimalist and timeless. You only have to think of classic architecture: geometric forms, cubes, uncluttered surfaces and straight lines. The colour scheme tends to be muted, including dark brown and clear blue.”

The classic line in office planning


geometric forms, cubes, flat surfaces, lines


Metal, leather, dark woods, high-quality, durable fabrics with a long lifespan


Muted colour scheme, dark brown and ochre shades, black, chrome, silver

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