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König + Neurath and the Ministry of Happiness and Wellbeing share an inspiring partnership. The activities of the Happiness Initiative, led by the Minister of Happiness Gina Schöler, all pay towards the great goal of making life a little more beautiful and a little happier. And since this, as we know, also continues on the company premises and behind the office door, we are happy to be inspired by her tips - and in turn provide her with some impulses around the topic of working better. Our planner Carina Hölzer is also part of this second podcast episode. Here are some happiness hacks from the current, second podcast by Gina Schöler.

Loading: Strengthen strengths

Every person has a colourful mix of strengths and weaknesses, says Gina Schöler. However, instead of focusing on our weaknesses, it makes sense to change our perspective. Ask yourself: What strengths do I have? What can I perhaps do better than other people?

If you write down the results and visualise them regularly, this will create a motivational boost. Gina Schöler also recommends asking those around you: What do others appreciate about me?

Time for success: don't forget to celebrate

There are many good reasons to celebrate, and this often gets lost in the hustle and bustle of work. It is important, especially with positive experiences and successes, to take time to pause and celebrate. Gina advises not to always think about the next task straight away, but to consciously celebrate successes - your own and those of other colleagues. What rituals could there be in your team? Ideas like the Wall of Fame or a success bell are easy to implement ... the possibilities are numerous.

At König + Neurath, too, the team regularly gets together on the phone when there are positive things to report. For example, we have introduced "Good News", a channel where team successes are published - so that everyone can find out what has become of a project.

Minister of Happiness Gina Schöler

Being lavish: handing out compliments

Each and every one of us can be quite lavish with niceties: What stood out positively? Even if you think the other person already knows. It's better to give out more compliments, because they do everyone good and cost nothing. Memory anchors: pause, appreciate positive things and share them with colleagues.

Showing interest: listening, being present and open

According to the happiness minister, it's all about feeling good at work, too. And that depends on interpersonal vibes. Support from colleagues, customers and contacts is extremely important for feeling good. Attention is good, eye contact is good, active and attentive listening, showing empathy. That can make an enormous difference, says Gina.

Personal interaction is also culture-shaping from our point of view. Based on this, König + Neurath and its interdisciplinary team have developed a tool that contains seven dimensions. With our WORK.CULTURE.MAP, we determine what constitutes the identity and culture of a company. Accordingly, we can design spaces that pay attention to the culture and the well-being of the teams.

What are your adjusting screws that you can turn to improve your everyday working life with relatively little effort? What role does the work environment play in this? Take a listen to Gina Schöler's podcast. It's worth it!

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