Alternative Christmas party

Alternative Christmas Party - Look forward to these ideas

What gets you in the mood for Christmas more than the smell of roasted almonds and Glühwein, the glow of the fairy lights at dusk - and the cheerful get-together with your dear colleagues? But do you need a Christmas market or the classic Christmas party for that?

Let's take the opportunity in 2021 to establish new traditions in the team. Because with the right basic conditions, the cosy Christmas feeling also comes up in the small, private circle. As interior design experts, we usually create ideal working environments. Today, however, we venture a little excursion and suggest Christmas mood-lifters as an alternative for your Christmas party.

Winter barbecue instead of goose dinner

Do you have a patio? A courtyard or a garage driveway? For the right Christmas feeling, all you need is dry weather, the right lighting (fire bowl, candle jars, fairy lights), delicious hot drinks, a waffle iron and ideally a barbecue. Treat yourself to typical Christmas market treats together as a team. Prepare the waffle batter, fire up the barbecue and go - simple and relaxed with minimal preparation and maximum good spirits - of course, only in a small circle, at a distance and in compliance with all current regulations.

Christmas walk in the forest

Walking through the forest, with or without snow, listening to the silence and perhaps catching a glimpse or two of a four-legged forest dweller, is also fun with colleagues. Your walk will be especially magical if you take it at dusk. Then find a nice spot sheltered from the wind and surprise your team with Christmas snacks: Glühwein from the thermos flask, biscuits for everyone. And for the way back: don't forget a torch!

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