Acoustic solutions

Since Corona, demand for acoustic solutions has been growing

Office-based working has transformed completely in 2020: distancing rules, hygiene concepts and health protection are more important than ever before. In that respect, not only is there a growing demand for new zoning ideas to maintain the necessary distances and tidy up the open space office – there is also a rising number of increasingly innovative options for shielding people from each other.

It goes without saying that solutions should be more than simply functional. After all, the competition to recruit talented employees and the concept of employer attractiveness are as relevant as ever. Offices are viewed in a new light and designed with a fresh approach. The smart strategy is to find attractive solutions whilst at the same time incorporating employee health protection into the concept.

INF@MARKT, the business information magazine that analyses trends in the office furniture market, has observed a significantly higher demand for acoustic solutions since the start of the exceptional corona situation. The field of acoustics is also a key factor for König + Neurath, which has to be considered in every design project. Depending on the specific task and what kind of space situation is needed, we can offer a variety of solutions - from ingenious details like acoustic cupboard finishes, flexible acoustic screens or partitions with acoustic properties for zoning, to complete room-in-room solutions. Why? Because we think good acoustics are as integral to health protection as meticulous compliance with hygiene rules.

Here you will find further interesting magazine articles on acoustics:

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