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PURE, FLOW, TIMELESS, VISION - we develop office space solutions for the future and design differentiated style collections which you can experience here, with all your senses, not far from the Potsdamer Platz. In a 500 square metre space, under the overall theme of WORK.STYLE.CULTURE, we offer a comprehensive view of our entire product range and show you ideas for office furniture in Berlin that are trend-setting in terms of design and function.

Innovative workstations, to be experienced at König + Neurath in Berlin

In addition to an acoustically effective picture , 8 square metres in size, by the street artist Claudia Walde (aka MadC), all 4 style collections provide orientation in the planning of office space and define a design which fits the individual work culture. An additional exciting extension to the product portfolio to be seen in the König + Neurath Berlin showroom is the digital intercommunication of office space and workstation with K+N SMART.OFFICE.

Which areas are relevant for agile working? Will they still shape working life in coming years?

The changing work culture also changes the requirements for the structure of office space. Many companies are undergoing a process of transformation, which also influences the working environment. Teams and workstations are more flexible, static workstations are less and less in demand. For office design, this implies: we support agile working with Activity Areas or comfortable lounge areas, which promote informal exchanges. For meetings, we design spaces and solutions which meet all technological requirements, allow privacy and concentration and which are attractive at the same time. The theme of employee health defines each and every workstation. Chairs and desks make movement possible and encourage you to introduce variety to your working day. No matter how you imagine the office of the future - König + Neurath will accompany you through the whole process of change and design.

König + Neurath creates worlds of work „Made in Germany“

We look forward to analysing your corporate and working culture, and to working with you to develop solutions which match perfectly. No matter your current corporate identity - we can give it form and space with furniture, colours and room-in-room solutions. Individually designed to meet your wishes and requirements.

One place. One brand. One experience.

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