Why flexible furnishing concepts belong to the future

The world is undergoing radical change, and that includes the workplace. Team cooperation via digital platforms, working from home, remote working, flexible and agile approaches – it’s all routine in 2020. All this is the new normal.

Do we know how we expect to be working tomorrow? To be honest – no. And that’s why here at König + Neurath we design our furniture concepts so they can be adapted to any scenario and changed again anytime. Only modifiable systems will adapt to a changing environment. Only a system that gives us full creative flexibility can keep pace with us through all those working situations. Its name is TALO.YOU.


Have a think, touch base, give a presentation, be inspired – the tasks we face every day at work are diverse. It’s great if the furnishing concepts can support you in that respect. Our multifunctional desk system TALO.YOU is not only reconfigurable to cater for new work situations, but as a nesting table it also adapts to your next task in an instant.


On your own, with a partner or as a team – as a modular and multifunctional work tool you can use TALO.YOU so flexibly … and rearrange it whenever there are new challenges on the horizon.

Individual workstation

As a sit-stand solution, TALO.YOU contributes significantly to increasing movement in the office. Switching position between sitting and standing boosts the circulation, takes the strain off the back muscles, improves concentration and makes you perform better.


If you work with a group of others, the bench is what you need. As a bench solution, TALO.YOU also allows height adjustment of the individual elements, which helps to make teamwork even more dynamic.


This is where ideas are exchanged and visions mapped out. If you need to introduce a new perspective, or a more dynamic approach, the motorised adjustment makes it easy to bring the table up higher.

Nesting table

TALO.YOU stands for mobility: if you spontaneously need a whiteboard for your agile meeting, just flip up the table top. Need more space? You’ll appreciate TALO.YOU’s flexibility here too – you can simply roll it to one side.

Let TALO.YOU be your inspiration – plan your professional future around this desk

Hartmut Hagemann, CEO

One table system - many possibilities

From a single workstation in the office or home office to a bench, conference system or nesting table - in this animation video we show you all the possible configurations of our table system TALO.YOU including accessories. What job can TALO.YOU do in your everyday working life?


How and where do you want to work tomorrow? You don’t need to decide in advance with TALO.YOU – and you’re ready for any new working situation. The modular structure of this desk system allows you to design your working environment flexibly. Modifiable in function and form – scalable for the NEXT NORMAL.

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