FAQs about our event K+N LIVE


Where will the event take place?

The event K+N LIVE will take place at the WORK.CULTURE.CAMPUS in Karben near Frankfurt/Main.

Can I register for just one of the two days?

You can register for one or both days via the registration process on the website.

How do I get to the event?

If you are using public transportation: From Frankfurt main station, take the S6 to Groß Karben station. From there it is a 10 min walk. You can reach the WORK.CULTURE.CAMPUS – see Google Maps

Are there parking facilities?

We have provided parking on site.

I am traveling e-mobile. Are there charging facilities at the venue?

König + Neurath has six e-charging stations. There are other e-charging options in the immediate vicinity.

How long does the event last?

For the exact schedule of the event, please refer to the schedule.

I did not receive a registration confirmation

Please feel free to contact our support at contact@events-koenigneurath.com if you have any questions about registration.


How do I register for the event?

Registration is done via the link communicated in the invitation email. 

How can I cancel my participation?

Unfortunately, something can always come up. Please send us your cancellation at contact@events-koenigneurath.com.

Are meals included?

Your physical well-being will be taken care of on both days.

I eat a vegetarian/vegan diet/I have food allergies. Is there anything for me to eat on site?

The number of different diets is constantly growing. So in the registration process, we ask for dietary preferences and adjust our buffet accordingly.

Where can I drop off jackets/luggage?

Sufficient storage facilities will be provided on site.

Are there opportunities for networking or interaction with other participants?

Our event takes place in a relaxed atmosphere. Networking among all attendees is encouraged, opening up new perspectives.

What is included in the event program? / In which language will the discussions / workshops take place? Will there be translations, if necessary?

Our panel talks on the main stage and selected keynotes will be in German and simultaneously translated into English. An overview indicating the language can be found here.

Who are the speakers and what topics will be covered?

You can find our program with well-known speaker and topics here.

Are there any special requirements for attending the workshops?

You can create your own personalized workshops in the registration process. Due to limited capacity, registration is important. Deadline come, first served.

How long do the workshop and keynote last?

Our keynotes and workshops last between 30 - 60 min - see overview

What is the exact content of the workshos and keynotes?

The content of the panel talks, keynotes and workshops can be found here.

How many participants are usually in the workshops/keynotes?

The number of participants depends on the size of the venue. We will adjust the space, if necessary, based on the response of our guests. 

How do I get back to the hotel after the evening event?

We offer a shuttle service to defined hotels at defined times. The times will be announced shortly before the event.

How do I get to the event in Karben in the morning?

We offer a shuttle service to defined hotels at defined times. The times will be announced shortly before the event.


Where do I contact regarding questions about accommodation?

For questions regarding hotel accommodations, please contact our support staff at contact@events-koenigneurath.com.

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