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Knowledge is the basis for ability

The most important resource in companies is creativity. The play of ideas, however, requires an open communication and organizational culture. This increases the demands on the office and its design. Knowledge and technical competence become key qualifications for "office consultants" in project management and organizational consulting.

The K+N academy offers with its pool of renowned lecturers educational offers on high level, in order to make furnishers, planners and advisors fit for the future.

The topics orient themselves at the current developments of the working world and the conditions of the science. The spectrum reaches from product and ergonomics seminars over the development of modern furnishing concepts up to the realization of projects. The concept: from practice for practice. So that knowledge becomes skill.

The range of seminars includes events on the following topics:


Here we inform you about König + Neurath and our position in the market. Beginners and new colleagues will find basic tools and fundamental data here.


Any service or support around König + Neurath and our joint range of services, whether on product level or as creative and creative service, is addressed in this complex.

Your personal contact for all questions about the K+N Academy is Georg Frech, Head of the K+N Academy. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in our offer: <a href="mailto:georg.frech@koenig-neurath.de">georg.frech@koenig-neurath.de</a>

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