Exploring work cultures together

Exploring work cultures

Exploring work cultures together

Understanding work culture means being able to design perfectly tailored work environments. And more. How do we find out what defindes our work culture? How do we capture that information and analyse it? König + Neurath has the answers. And solutions.

Work cultures are formed from a cluster of different factors. With our specially designed consulting approach, the K+N WORK.CULTURE.MAP, these factors can be reliably analysed and classified. Which features characterise day-to-day interactions? How does management style, agility and the company’s work-life model take shape? What significance do creativity and teamwork have for the company’s success? Using surveys, workshops and a clear visualisation of results, we create the perfect conditions for understanding the factors that shape your work culture.

Work culture is something that characterises even the smallest company.

From work culture analysis to designing actual offices

The WORK.CULTURE.MAP makes it possible to classify the formative dimensions of a work culture and how they interact. With the insights obtained, you receive a meaningful profile that not only forms the basis for your work environment design, but offers in-depth guidance and inspiration on how to move your company forward.

Find out more here and explore your own work culture.

What defines your own work culture?

How can we learn something about our own work culture? And: What conclusions can be drawn regarding the conception of working environments? Find answers with our WORK.CULTURE.MAP.
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