LIFE.S Indoor, LIFE.S Interaction+Stool

Co-working, totally relaxed.

You do not always need a meeting room to have a discussion. LIFE.S Indoor is our solution for spontaneous meetings for 4 to 6 people, which happen anywhere. Creative ideas often come from physical movement. This effect is supported by LIFE.S Interaction combined with the high bench seat. In this way, it can be good for meetings to last longer.

Sockets, wireless chargers and NET BOX Point electrics allow for a versatile use of media. Optional acoustic absorbers create a sense of being screened off.

LIFE.S Indoor

Desk-bench combination for spontaneous meetings and discussions. Electrification and acoustic screen are options

LIFE.S Interaction + Stool

A stand-up desk and bench seats for creative meetings in communication and bistro zones. Extension tops can be added to make more room. Acoustic absorbers and canopies ensure a cosy atmosphere.

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